Saturday, 17 March 2007

Bag Lady

I suppose the upside of being denied the use of my sewing machine is that I had no choice but to continue on with my handwork. Therefore I finished the applique on my first March block (trying to do two a month) last night. It just needs a bit of embroidery to give a 'stem' to each of the 'grapes' and it is done. I showed it to dh who regarded and asked 'what's it meant to be?', lol. The book I am using (Grandmother's Last Quilt) has designs primarily based on botanical inspiration with a hint of baltimore album. Actually when I was looking back at the book to check placement of the grapes, I realised that I have appliqued the green block in the wrong orientation. Instead of the oak leaves growing out of the urns, it should have been the little grapes. Oh well, I like it better my way and it isn't likely that anyone will be standing looking at my quilt while they have the book in their hand.

I also finished off my handbag knitted from one-inch fabric strips. I've included a couple of dice in the picture for scale. The handle is surprisingly comfortable, although chunky in the hand. I think I am going to line it for peace of mind, otherwise I will be worried than pens and things are going to work their way out through the stitching. That means I will have to break out the Plan B sewing machine which isn't nearly as good as my lovely Janome, but hopefully up to sewing a lining together. I am a bit schizophrenic about this handbag - I am very pleased with how it turned out, and I love the colours, and I can easily imagine myself walking around the rarified atmosphere of a quilting show with it in my hand. When I try to picture myself out on the normal street, in view of normal people, then I don't feel so sure. Is it a fashion accessory? Or just an oddity? Will people admire it, or just feel sorry for me, lol.

1 comment:

swooze said...

Nice applique. The bag turned out great. I am interested to see what a washing does to it.

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