Friday, 30 March 2007

Blog Pressure

I know that at least some of the other quilt bloggers use their blog as a self-motivational tool, and certainly I have felt a beneficial pressure to get things done so I can put them on the blog. But I am now finding that I am suffering from 'blog pressure' when I have had a few days of being otherwise occupied. If I haven't actually finished anything, there is nothing to photograph, even though I may have put in some work on various hobbies. Is this a new syndrome? Blog peer pressure?? What I have been doing is tidying up our attic (being a typical UK house we don't have a basement, so everything goes into the attic). And although this is a very worthwhile and long overdue activity, it doesn't actually produce photos for the blog unless you really want to see me in old clothes with blackened hands shifting the junk around. I've also been a bit unnerved at how many files of 'might do that someday' patterns and magazine clippings I have up there, not too mention a whole box of cross-stitch kits that I had kind of forgotten about, all sorts of dollshouse supplies, and enough magazine back issues to start my own secondhand book shop.

Anyway, bowing to blog pressure, I have run around the house and taken a few digital photos so the anxiety will just stop. :)

This is one of our two cats, Colin, who has made himself a nice nest in my husband's Trip Round the World tv quilt. Black cats don't photograph very well, obviously, and I took about 8 photos of him while he regarded me resignedly, waiting for me to go away and leave him in peace.

Realising that I am about to run out of 'March', I have been hurrying up with the second March applique block from my self-imposed BOM in double-pinks and acid greens, using designs from 'Grandmother's Last Quilt'. Here is the start of it, the holly leafs will go all around the outside of the circle then there will be some berries as well.

Above is the finished 1/12th display cabinet, filled with my teapot collection and installed in my Canadian house living room. I had to evict the television and its table to make room for this, but the dolls were likely watching too much tv anyway. My husband noticed immediately that there is room for two more teapots at the bottom :)

Tomorrow, my Saturday Sewing Group will be exchanging fabric for a brown bag challenge to make household items. Above is the fabric that I will be passing anonymously to another group member, and I have asked for a tablerunner. I hope that the fabric I get in exchange isn't too ugly :)

And finally, I have made a start on my 2 Level Room box kit in 1/144th scale from sdk miniatures, which was announced on the MicroMinis Yahoo group and is the subject of a challenge. As you may be able to make out, I have stained various parts and also cut out an extra window in the back wall.

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