Tuesday, 27 March 2007

A drib drab day

Today was one of those days where sadly the crafts only got attention in dribs and drabs, slotting in around the mundane chores of household and office. My first break was an opportunity to start on this display cabinet which I bought at Miniatura, and which will display my 1/12th teapot collection. This was a cheap whitewood cabinet which used to have two drawers, I decided it was too tall and with much violence and sharp instruments (including smoking Dremel cut-off disks) I managed to separate the second drawer and cut down the sides. Then I stained it and gave it a first coat of gloss varnish. There are still a few bald spots where the manufacturing glue repelled the stain, so I will need to touch those up with paint. This cabinet only cost £5.50, but the factory in India or China or whereever it is are obviously using industrial strength glue, because the bottom of the drawer was not going to separate from the base for love or money. I ended up cutting it into chunks with the Dremel and chipping it off with a stanley knife, not fun. I wouldn't be surprised if this furniture is a sideline for some factory that usually makes parts for the space missions, lol.

I didn't get much knitting done today, but last night I got close to finishing the back of my tank top. The reason for the bizarre shaping is that this is a racing back tank top. I'm still not convinced about the top part where I am currently binding off - the two 'wings' will meet the shoulder straps coming over from the front, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are too fat and I have to unpick the back a few rows.

Another thing I finished off today was a pendant of several beads in a charm cluster. I saw something like this in a magazine at the hairdressers on Friday for an outrageous price, and thought 'I could make that' so I stopped at the local bead shop on the way home and picked out several beads that I liked. The camera didn't want to focus on something this small, which is why the pic is fuzzy.

And finally, I did get a bit of sewing done. My Janome arrived back home from its second trip to the service centre today, so I set it up and sewed together a couple of the miniature Dresden Plates that I am working on. The machine seems to be working ok except for a brief heartstopping moment when it made the knocking sound again, but then it stopped. I am only sewing very short seams here (plates are c. 5 inches across) so I will have to see how the machine performs when I let her rip on something longer. I am contemplating this blue solid as a background fabric, it seems to show off the plates fabric fairly well. I might sash and cornerstone with some of the leftover darker Liberty Lawn fabric. I've got enough pre-cut plate pieces for 5 and a bit plates, which is a bit useless, so I think I will use four and make a mini wall hanging. I like wall hangings and have made quite a few of them, I like ringing the changes around the house and they are much easier to display than a big quilt.

1 comment:

swooze said...

Sharon I love all of your work. I hope you get the kinks worked out of that machine. If not demand a new one!

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