Sunday, 18 March 2007

Flowering Vines Applique

Flowering Vines Applique
Originally uploaded by shinynewthing.
I decided to stop being precious about my sewing machine, and sat down and tried to get my other machine to sew a 1/4 inch seam. I got something set up that was fairly close, and went on to assemble the blocks and borders for this Flowering Vines UFO. I also tried using my new quilt hanging system to take the photograph, and discovered that the upper banister gets in the way, lol. Still, it was easier than trying to drape it over the tv cupboard which was my usual standby.

When I decided to replace some of the border block backgrounds with a pink, I was pleased to find exactly the colour I had in mind in my stash. Of course there wasn't enough of it, but I thought 'no problem' and sat down on the computer to order more online. An hour later I had discovered nothing like what I wanted, and of course the fabric I had was several years old and no longer available. So back to the cutting board, where I managed to squeeze out all the 8 1/2 inch blocks except two, which are the middle blocks on the sides. I also left the corner blocks as beige background. Some of the pink blocks are in the best vintage tradition by having their backgrounds literally pieced together out of the odd shaped cutting scraps I was ending up with after cutting out most of the blocks. In fact I will confess to actually pulling small snippets of pink back out of the bin when I was getting really desperate on the last few blocks. Thanks to the print on the pink, and the vivid applique, the desperateness is hardly visible unless you look very closely. I am going to call it a design feature...


swooze said...

Your quilt is really pretty. I understand what you went through not letting little hang ups stop you and getting the quilt done! Welcome to the stashbuster webring!

Nancy said...

Love your quilt. And it doesn't stand out that all the border background isn't pink. Looks very nice. :-)

JoAnna said...

I love it! I actually have this pattern but am afraid to try it because I don't know how to applique!

Kathy Wagner said...

Beautiful quilt!
Thanks for showing it!

Jennie said...

This is a great quilt. Love the Piece of Cake designs.....and the colors you chose are terrific.

Greenmare said...

I love your quilt!!!
As one of my daughers would say "OMG" it's gorgeous. (I hate it when she talks like text message)
I have seen that pattern and always liked it, and you did it fabulous!

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