Sunday, 25 March 2007

Miniatura and Knitting

I had a fantastic day yesterday at Miniatura, the huge dollshouse and miniatures fair at the National Exhibition Centre outside Birmingham. This is a wonderful fair, full of makers and dealers, with a wide selection of styles, eras, supplies, price range and scales. It is the best place to shop if you are into the smaller scales and I indulged myself rather excessively. I got home just before supper time, broke and absolutely exhausted but what a great day. I found some more metal furniture at Tadpoles and TeePee Crafts to finish my 144th scale Baby House, and picked up some more wooden 144th kits from Judith at In Some Small Way. I picked up a load of small scale ribbon trims - although annoyingly I kept seeing this at cheaper and cheaper prices as I worked my way around. The first place I bought at, one of these pile 'em high stalls, was selling 1.5 metres for £1, and I picked up several packets. Then I found the 'Little Trimmings' stall where you could get 4 metres for £1.15, and finished up at the TeePee Craft stall where I noticed several trims at .18p a metre. Grrr. Oh well, one of the benefits of losing my memory in middle age is that I won't remember what I paid in a few months, lol. I bought a lovely Bunka rug kit from Little Trimmings to go with my Miss Lydia Pickett kits, some 1/24th scale pies and cakes, and a lovely cottage teapot from Sally Meekin, for my Fishermen's TeaRoom. I got a 1/12th scale Castle teapot from Sally as well, and then of course I had to purchase a glass display cabinet from Jennifer's of Walsall as I realised that I now have several teapots and it is a Collection and needs a display home. Anyway, suffice it to say that I came home with a bulging bag. DH immediately wanted to know what I had bought, but thankfully quickly lost interest as I cunningly showed him some of the cheaper and more boring purchases first...

I managed to knit through a whole ball of my Phildar Aviso in the car on the way up and back, this yarn knits up so quickly and is so beautifully soft. I think I am going to have enough for my chosen pattern, a racer-back tank top that I found on the internet. My gauge is not the same as theirs, I have made adjustments for the length and width but I am not too sure about the shaping, may just have to wing that part of it.
I have also dutifully started another project from my UFO list: a miniature Dresden Plate of Liberty Lawn fabrics that I cut out at least 8 years ago if not longer. There used to be a man in the UK that was called the 'Liberty Man' because he would come to guilds with loads of wide Liberty fabric scraps and strings to sell. Presumably he was getting scraps from their factory or something. I bought several from him when he came to a guild that I used to belong to, and made a baby quilt as a gift for a friend out of them. Then I cut up the scraps into a miniature Tumbler quilt, which turned out well, and for a Dresden Plate, which sat there for years. I used acrylic templates from Sharon Jorgensen, and it is the kind of plate with pointed petals, each one about 3 inches long unfinished. I haven't taken a picture because currently it looks like I dismembered a strange Liberty Lawn flower and left its petals all over my sewing table. I will have to think about what background fabric to use - the pattern uses a plain muslin but I don't think that would suit these fabrics. Likely I will need to make the plates up and trial them on various colours to see what suits.

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