Wednesday, 28 March 2007

My Sewing Room

The Stashbuster challenge is to show pics of our sewing area and stash. Mine is squeezed into the end of my bedroom and I am a bit shocked at how much of a mess it looks in the photos I have taken. It is actually very organised but you would never know from these photos!

The stash is in two fitted closets at the end of the room, and then spilled over into a storage unit which is supposed to be discreetly covered with a curtain (pulled back for photo so you can see the storage bins) which of course now is covered with stuff. The sewing table has two folding flaps, and was purchased with the idea that I could fold down the flaps and stow it in the closet when I wasn't using it. Needless to say it has never been folded down in three years, and the gap in the closet where it was meant to go has now filled up with bags of stash.

This is the right hand closet - the cupboard is full of craft supplies like glue and paint, and the FQs are in the gap arranged by colour - wadding (batting) is on top of the cupboard.

The other cupboard has all the larger stash. It started out folded neatly on card supports on the side shelves, but has long since spilled over onto the floor. You can see my stencils and unquilted tops on the doors

I haven't done any sewing today, but I took a pic of the Tumbler quilt which is the sister quilt to the Dresden Plate that I am currently working on. It was cut out at the same time from the same fabrics. It's about 18 inches on the long side.

Now that it is spring here in the UK, I have cycled my wallhanging in the kitchen to display my Spring wallhanging. I made this last year from the Eleanor Burns book full of lovely flower appliques, and I chose three that grow in my garden, then I designed the primrose basket as I also have those. I have entered this in the Malvern quilt show this year so it will get an outing.

That's about it for tonight. The only other thing I was going to say was that I surfed around some of the other websites in the Stashbuster web ring this afternoon, and was very impressed. I am very new to this blogging business, but so many of the other sites look so polished. Will have to work on my presentation!


Carole said...

Thanks for showing your sewing area. Your quilts look lovely! Happy quilting!

Kathy Wagner said...

Welcome to the Stashbusters ring!
Thanks for sharing your sewing area with us! Love your tumbler quilt!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini tumbler quilt!

swooze said...

OK Sharon....I LOVE you to death! I am sitting here everything you showed me and will post pics of my room as soon as I can. You make me feel better ;)

Alycia said...

It looks organized to me - and it sounds like you know where everything is - so thats half the battle!! Nice quilts on your previous entries - love the spider quilt.

Meredith said...

I enjoy seeing other quilters sewing areas. I love the border fabric on the tumbler quilt.

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