Saturday, 17 March 2007

Quilt Hanging System

Ever since we moved into our house three years ago, I have been planning to create a place to hang quilts in our stairwell. The house isn't that big and there are virtually no places to hang anything bigger than a wallhanging (a problem when I want to photograph a quilt as well). I knew how I was going to do it, and then finally last summer I bought the hardware for doing it from a yachting supply store. And today I got my dh to hold the ladder and we finally got around to putting the system up.

As you can see, there are two right-angle brackets screwed to the brickwork. From each one hangs a u-shaped clasp, from which hangs a pulley. On the left is a single pulley, and on the right is a double pulley. A lightweight nylon cord from the yachting store runs in a continuous loop starting from a snap on the bottom left (which snaps onto a screw-eye mounted on a wooden batten), runs up through the single pulley, along to the right into the double pulley, hangs down in a long loop to where there is a cleat screwed to the wall, continues back up into the other side of the double pulley, and down again to the right-hand screw-eye on the right side of the wooden batten. The batten is wrapped in muslin strip to protect the quilt, and is small enough to fit through a standard four-inch sleeve on the back of a quilt even with the screw-eyes mounted on it. The picture at left is of the right-hand double pulley.
When I want to change the quilt, I release the long loop so that the batten comes down towards me, unsnap one end of the rope and slip the batten out of the quilt sleeve, into the new quilt's sleeve, re-snap the rope on, and hoist away on the long loop until the batten is high up the wall again. Adjustments to level the quilt are easy, just pull on either the left or right rope until it is even. I tie off the rope at a cleat mounted at the bottom right.
It turns out that our stairwell is only 73" wide, so I cut the wooden batten at 69.5" to give it some play at either end (so it wouldn't hit the wall). This means that I can only display single quilts hanging flat, double and queen size will have to be gathered onto the batten and I don't know whether that will look good or not. This should also be a good way to photograph smaller tops as I can pin the top to the muslin and take a photo from the upper landing.


swooze said...

What a clever system. I am planning to rig something to the fence outside so I can hang my quilts for a pic. May have to study yours a bit.

LynCC said...

Thank you for sharing. We just moved into a house with a super-high wall that I want to be able to change quilts on without having to pull out a 15-foot ladder to do so. A system like this would work perfectly!

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