Saturday, 31 March 2007

Two-level 144th seaside room

I finished something! That's the good news. This is my 144th scale room box (for non-miniaturists, this room is about one-inch high) with seaside views, constructed from a laser cut kit but I added the extra window and the curtains blowing in the breeze.

The bad news is that at my sewing group today, my blessed dang Janome 6500 started making the banging noise again, after about one hour of free motion quilting. It was so loud that everyone in the room was looking at me and I had to stop for the day. **!x&!!&**&*. So it will have to go back to the service shop again (3rd time), and then there is Easter holiday, and I probably won't see the dang-blasted thing again for weeks. I guess I didn't need to worry that I wasn't going to get my hand applique blocks done.

Oh, and I swapped the Brown Bag challenge at the meeting, and I have a bag of satisfactory fabrics in autumn tones, and the lady wants a dresser runner. She's given the measurements and I am pleased, shouldn't be too hard (she said).

I have also organised a second challenge for a smaller group of four. We have all chosen a picture, drawn a line pattern to A3 size (that's about two Letter sheets of paper side by side), cut the pattern into four, and handed a strip of pattern plus a copy of the colour photo to each group member. The challenge is to 'paint with fabric' over the pattern piece to match the photograph. So I will do one slice of my own picture, and one of each of their pictures. And I will get a slice back from each of them, then I will sew the four slices back together and have an unusual fractured picture to which I can add borders etc. The photos are going to be really challenging - one lady has chosen a Monet painting, one lady has a holiday photo of a row of Belgian houses (we each do one house and mine is a cafe), and the third has chosen an oil painting of one of the early black visitors to the UK in the 16thC. My stash is really going to be challenged on this one!

1 comment:

Kathy Wagner said...

Wow...that is a have four people contribute to one fabric picture. Hope you can show us the results when it's completed!

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