Sunday, 8 April 2007

144th scale Seaside Room Box

This is a picture of my finished 144th scale room box (about one inch high). This was a challenge on the MicroMinis group, and I purchased the box and kits from SDK Miniatures and really enjoyed putting them together. Gluing the skirt on the 144th scale chair was a bit fiddly to say the least, as I was glueing the skirt and the chair to everything in sight but not to each other. Fingers are just too big for this scale sometimes. The spider plant on the table is made from laser-cut individual leaves, which you paint, and then hold your breath while you cut the leaf (about the size of a small eyelash) away from the backing paper, then pick it up with tweezers and dip it into glue and stick into a bead. I managed to get a quilt on the bed even if only of printed paper.

We went up to London for a few nights as ds is off on a school trip. I took my new ball of Giotto ribbon yarn and managed to squeeze in several knitting episodes, even one where we were waiting for a delayed Underground train. It was so gorgeous on Good Friday that we went over to Regent's Park and hired a couple of deckchairs, and just sat in the sun in the late afternoon for a few hours, and I was knitting away watching the families in their hired rowboats out on the lake. We went to Borders (big American bookstore in London) where I drooled over the craft magazines, and spotted an ad for another London knitting shop called Loop at 41 Cross Street in Islington. So when my husband wanted to do a walking tour from his guidebook on Saturday, we went to....Islington!! It's another one-room knitting shop but with loads more stock and some really cool yarns, including several of the Blue Sky yarns from America. I fell in love with some knitted cushion covers done in chunky gorgeously soft yarn, quite simple, just stockinette stitch with a band of 1x1 ribbing across the pillow and a single button closure. I can do that! (like I need another new project).

The big treat for me was stopping into the Cath Kidston shop near Covent Garden - she specialises in flowery retro/vintage repro fabrics made up into all sorts of luscious must-have things like tote bags and potpourri sachets and pillow cases and towels and washcloths and handbags and table linens and I just wander around the shop with the drool running down my chin wishing I could win the lottery and buy every single thing she sells. I also feel guilty about wanting it, because I have lovely fabric in my stash and I could sew myself lovely shoe bags and laundry bags and totes and carry-ons and on and on (or I could just buy hers....) I did buy myself a lovely tiny little umbrella in a great red print to carry to work.

And when we got home, my new issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine had arrived, so I took that out into the garden and had a lovely lounge on the cushion set I sewed up last week while dh mowed the lawn [work, garden slave, faster! bring me grapes!]

Before we left, I placed an online order for 30 plastic magazine files from an office supply store. So when those arrive, I will be able to sort out the rest of my magazines in the attic, and also the considerable store of knitting magazines out in the machine knitting shed in the garden. The knitting magazines (mostly machine knitting) are in a terrible state as they have been hanging half out of deteriorating Ikea cardboard magazine holders for three years. I want to organise them more by category as well, like all the Baby stuff in one holder, and all the Garter Carriage stuff in another holder.


Greenmare said...

WOW sounds like you had a great time, that shop sounds lovely, and your little room is incredible!!!!
That was my run on sentence for the moment~

swooze said...

What beautiful work! You amaze me! Missed you in chat yesterday. Hope all is ok.

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