Monday, 23 April 2007

April Applique Block

We've just acquired a new digital camera, so it has taken me about an hour to upload this image as first of all I had install the CD that came with the camera, then do a Restart, then read the manual to figure out how to upload images, and then fumble my way through the process. The original intention was to buy my son a cheap camera to take on his school trip - I spent about an hour surfing the internet and moaning to myself that every site only sold digital cameras now (Amazon UK doesn't even seem to have a category for 'normal' cameras ) and how was I going to find him a cheap camera. I suddenly had one of those 'duh' moments where I realised that our old camera WAS the cheap camera, and that really we should be joining the 21st century and getting a digital. So now I don't have to illicitly use my office camera at home, which is good, because I was always afraid I would forget to take it in to the office when I needed it for a meeting. It will also be great for my trip to the Sisters quilt show this summer. And for once my son's trip pictures didn't look like he was photographing everything through a blizzard which was the case when we bought him disposable cameras.

Anyway, this is the first of my two April applique blocks - this is my continuing series of 17-inch blocks from "Grandma's Last Quilt" hand applique blocks in vintage double-pinks and acid greens. I am trying to do two a month but already seem to have slipped by three weeks. I have managed to turn this one around in a week by dint of doing lots of sewing in front of the telly, but the next one has a zillion pieces so will likely be finished into May.

I am also working on the next picture challenge segment - this one is for my friend Eileen who chose a Monet impressionistic picture of farm buildings in a snowfall (perhaps Monet used a disposable camera as well). This is even more difficult than the portrait was, because all the colour is very broken and jagged in outline, and when you really look at the snow you find that it is in almost every colour except white, even though the overall impression is white. I will post a picture when I finish, I am about halfway through at the moment and it is looking good. Although rather alarmingly I have developed a muscle twitch at the corner of my right eye, the result I suspect of too much applique this week.

Repair Guy left a message on the answerphone - apparently my sewing machine is ready to send back and he promises he has checked it out thoroughly and run it extensively. However he did not actually say "and it did make that knocking noise but don't worry because we have now fixed it completely", leaving me worried that his Engineer Vibes soothed the intermittent fault so that it did not actually occur in his presence. I feel certain that I am now labelled on his files with the Repair Guy equivalent to "hypochondriac" (which no doubt already appears on my medical files).

I had a wonderful moment today when reading my e-mail - I have been invited to join a swap by some chatters (Hi, T!) who have seen my work on this blog and think that I am up to the challenge. I am immensely flattered and very tempted, it is an applique swap where you need to make one block (between 6 inches and 12 inches) a month for a year, if they get 12 participants. The only problem is time, there already are not enough hours in the week to tackle everything I have purchased / want to do, so I am thinking about it. I found a great acronym in a knitting book ("At Knit's End" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) which is SABLE = Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy, and I am certainly a SABLE sufferer for my quilting stash, dollshouse miniatures stash, knitting stash, cross-stitch stash, book library, as well as an impulse acquirer of various projects in tatting, doll-making, jewellery, and other shiny things that catch my jackdaw eye. Too many projects, not enough time, even though I have given up almost completely on housework, only work part-time, never go out and rarely spend time with my family :) I will have to think where else I can cut down - personal grooming perhaps, if I stop visiting the salon for hair colouring that would save me two hours every six weeks, but that's likely not enough time for a new swap. hmmmm, will have to think on this, lol...

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swooze said...

Just remember you need all these projects for your golden years when you are retired and on a strict income! :D Nice applique! Yes I keep telling myself not to sign up for anymore projects and what do I do....sign up for more projects. We are a mess!

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