Sunday, 1 April 2007

Getting ready for summer

This is what I have sewn today, a set of bench cushions for our garden swing. Had to use the alternate sewing machine, which is ok for this kind of work. We went to a new place to get the foam cut, turned out it was in a really grotty industrial park, the kind that looks like it used to be an old auto yard in the 30s. DH didn't even want to drive into it, it looked so unappealing. But sure enough, around the corner was 'Fabric Warehouse', which turned out to be an absolute Aladdin's Cave on two floors of the most incredible upholstery and drapery fabrics. They had lots on sale for £2 per metre, so I chose this fabric as suitable for the garden and not likely to show the dirt. They also had a big bin of the most marvelous scraps from which you could help yourself in return for a donation to charity, so I bagged several pieces of velvet which will make ideal dollshouse carpeting. I will share with my two dollshouse friends who come round and do dollshouse work at my house once a month.

I've started building the teeny tiny furniture for the room box I finished (in last posting). Because of putting in the extra window, I don't have so much room for arranging furniture, will have to think on this one. I don't want to put anything in the way visually to block the view of the French doors because they are the real feature in this box, but that pretty much removes the whole corner of the room from use.

I've finished tidying the attic, and feel very proud of myself because I even went out and tidied up my machine knitting shed and got rid of loads of part-cones of yarn I am never going to use, plus several books and a bunch of rubbish, so it all looks a lot better out there now. I am giving a bag of mixed mohair/synthetic to the charity shop because I will never use it, but also found a bag of lovely sky blue mohair that I had forgotten about so now I am happy.

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