Thursday, 5 April 2007

How to get a reaction from your husband

In the normal way of things, my dh is supportive in a rather uninvolved way, I will show him things that I am making and he is usually politely complimentary, he likes that I make things but in general they are things that are not of much interest to him. Well, I safety-pinned together my blue cotton racer-back tank top that I have finished knitting, to check the fit, and being rather pleased with it, I showed it off to dh when he got home. I was gratified to see his eyes bulge out slightly and to win an entirely sincere and enthusiastic shower of compliments - however, this was not in tribute to my growing skill as a hand-knitter but rather his male appreciation of the fact that I must go bra-less because of the cut of the top. Hmm. Anyway, once I get it sewn together properly (sans the Elizabeth Hurley safety-pins) then I will post a [modest] pic. I think I may have to line the strategic areas - or start wearing pasties....

On the way home from work I went to visit a knitting shop in Vauxhall (London) called 'I Knit', which I had read about in the papers because they host pub-knitting events and 'knit-ins' on the London Underground trains. I didn't know what to expect, craft shops over here are generally much smaller than their American equivalents. This was a one-room shop, about the size of a living room, with limited stock of several yummy yarns. They do classes but all in the evenings so I can't go as I am out of London by then. I couldn't resist buying two hanks of this wonderful hand-dyed ribbon yarn called 'Giotto' from Colinette yarns, with the idea that I am going to re-knit the tank top pattern again. The gauge is quite different though, so I may run into problems trying to shape the back. As you can see I knit up a bit to see what the tension was like, I've never used ribbon yarn before and found it has more friction than the cotton or wool I've used before, which made it a bit more of an effort to form the stitches.

I'm almost finished my 144th scale room box. I've left the hardest thing for last - making a tiny spiderplant from a laser-cut kit to go on the table. I will take a better picture when it is all done. This room, furnished with laser-cut kits from SDK Miniatures, has been so much fun to do. It is about one-inch high. I love putting kits together and improving on them where I can.

I have been putting off testing out my Janome 6500 sewing machine to see if Repair Guy is right about the needle threader causing the knocking noise, I think because I have lost my confidence in the machine. It is going to take me a while to get over the worry that it is going to go wrong again. But I sat down today and finished off the quilting on the Dresden Plate Liberty Lawn UFO, and this picture shows it before it was washed (I always wash my quilts before binding, to let them 'wrinkle' up a bit and scootch up the quilting lines). The edges will be scalloped which is why the outside border is so wide.

I thought this was going to be another miniature quilt, like its sister Tumbler Quilt shown in a previous post, but when I laid out the four plates in a four-square set-up, it just looked so boring. I realised that what I really wanted was a tablerunner, as I would like to have several tablerunners to see me through the seasons. So I re-arranged the plates and it was much better and I was off. I love rootling through the stash trying out various fabrics - these are all Liberty Lawn fabrics and the backing is Liberty Lawn in a peacock feather print. I use a door-viewer (like what you look through to see who is knocking on your door) to distance myself from my project when I want to decide on fabric choices. The machine behaved itself fairly well, it started making the knocking noise once and jiggling the needlethreader seemed to have no effect, but then it stopped. This is going to get tiresome very quickly - I am not going to be stopping every 10 minutes to jiggle the needlethreader - if this keeps up, it is going back to the shop again. Lucky I paid for a five year extended warranty.

Instead of doing useful and practical things today, like paying bills, I have been distracted several times by such temptations as my next Miss Lydia Pickett 1/24th scale kit (for a dresser this time) arriving in the post, and also by assembling this Mother Goose book kit. It is just so sweet, and has full coloured pages with readable text and the original illustrations. It is a kit by Paper Minis and was the kit-of-the-month for my local dollshouse club that I went to last night. Well, it was actually the kit from last month, but I didn't want to do the kit for this month at club because it was for making a selection of cheese with Fimo (an oven-hardening modelling clay) and they didn't actually have an oven available so it was all a bit pointless. So I started the book instead and finished it off today.
Best wishes to all for a very happy Easter and hope your weather is as fantastic as ours here in London - 21 degrees Celsius today and all the spring flowers are out.


Jeanne said...

I'm looking forward to your picture of the tank top! What do you do with all of the miniature rooms you make?
Good luck with the spider plant.

swooze said...

Nice yarn....nice house...can't wait to see that plant. Your little quilt is cute! Tell hubby I am glad he can appreciate fine art! LOL

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