Sunday, 15 April 2007

Finished a block!

I finished my second March applique block. Yes, I know it is April 15th. That leaves me two weeks to get through my two April applique blocks so I had better get cracking. For some reason the pic has come out really dark, even with flash, so I have also included a detail shot which shows the real colours. These are acid greens and double pinks, really vintage colours, that I bought in Paducah in 2000. Most of the patterns are from 'Grandmother's Last Quilt'. I have about 8 different pinks and about 5 different greens.

My block packet arrived from the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show in Oregon. I am going in July and I asked to participate in the block contest. It is five psychedelic fabrics from Westminster Fibres, and you have to use them to make a 12 inch finished block of your choice. They will be judged and the winner gets a quilt made out of some of the blocks. Unused and unreturned blocks will go into a charity quilt, which is where I hope mine will go, so it is going to a good cause. I think I am going to do a spiderweb block.


Kathy Wagner said...

I hope you will show us what you can make from these fabrics! They don't seem to go together at all...a real challenge!

Jane Weston said...

nice appliqué and I think a spider block would be very effective in those fabrics...don't forget to take a picture to show us :o)

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