Friday, 4 May 2007

The cost of serendipity

In a classic example of "less haste, more speed", I have just spent about an hour and a half on a major, nay, epic bodging session trying to get the middle of my string star quilt to line up. You may recall that one block of the string quilt I started on Saturday wasn't quite lining up. Today I finished the rest of the string blocks for the border, so went back to sort the middle out. I had made a spare block from similar strips and planned to swap it into the middle and remove the offending block. This is all entirely my own fault because on Saturday I was just trusting to serendipity and was slapping down different width strips without any measuring whatsoever. I thought the middle would come out close enough, which it did apart from this one block. Well, the spare block did not 'fit' properly into the gap, so I ripped out an adjoining block, and with increasing frustration tried to get ANY of the three blocks to fit back into the gaps. Cue much re-sewing and more ripping out and in the end even basting from the right side to match seams and eventually got the middle all lined up. Of course by now, the outside edges of the four blocks were nowhere near being square and required trimming to bodge them back into the star surround. The upshot is a block which you are now only ever going to see pictured from an extreme distance because, although the strips are lining up, they are doing so in something more closely resembling a trapezoid and one seam is actually kinked. There you go. Luckily my son, who has expressed an interest in having this quilt, will not care, and hopefully some of the issues will quilt out so I will be able to look at it on his bed without wincing. Here's a pic of the loose border blocks laid out on my bed (not sewn together yet). And it did use up quite a lot of scraps but I still have a medium-size bag of strips left over.

I've finished my Rowan Big Wool cushion cover, and it is so huggable and soft that you can't help stroking it. My son immediately wanted to have it to sleep with on his bed, but as I am trying to delay its eventual fate of becoming completely covered in cat hair and he always sleeps with one of the cats in his bed, I declined this honour.

This is the project that we started at Wednesday night's dollshouse club and I finished it yesterday. It is a 'night at the opera' table, we put the table kit together and it came with some printies of opera programmes and invitations to cut out and of a fan, and some press out gloves and an opera glass. Also the fabric for an evening bag (at foot of table). I added the silk shawl, and dressed a few things up with jewellery findings. This is 1/12th scale. I've put this table into my big five-storey Victorian-Edwardian-Regency house (it has a split personality) on the landing.
I usually put QNN (Quilters' News Network) going on the laptop while I am sewing, but today it didn't want to play so I googled for some podcasts instead and found a new-to-me knitting podcast called "Britknitscast" . I listened to a few episodes and quite liked it, a nice mix of news, what's on the needles, and no ranting about pet peeves which seems to feature in some of the other knitting podcasts I've tried. Made me want to go out and buy yarn though... :)


swooze said...

Aawww come us! From what I can see it looks better! Is bodge in the English dictionary? I will have to look that one up! Hehe!

Alycia said...

I like that quilt - it looks very lone starish in its own way! And of course I love the scrappy look - it takes on a second pattern of its own.

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