Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Downgraded to Dial-up

I'm sorry to say that I have lost my Broadband connection - quite suddenly, our router has become 'corrupt' according to the diagnosis of the Indian call centre HelpDesk after 40 minutes of line tests and attempted resets. I'm posting this via dial-up and it has taken me almost 20 minutes to get into Blogger. So I don't think I am going to be able to make any new posts for a while.

The big news (so big that I haven't actually told dh yet) is that I have ordered the Freestyle quilting frame that I mentioned in my last post. I decided to go for the six-foot poles (which will accept a five foot quilt and will therefore let me quilt a single/twin quilt) even though that is going to make the frame about 10 inches wider than my table surface. I've chatted on the phone to the people who are making it, and it sounds like it might be alright although I may find I have vibration and need to rest the frame on some padding like thick felt. Apparently it is easy to check whether the frame is supported ok - if you slide the carriage to the extreme left or right, and the whole frame doesn't cantilever up and cartwheel over under the weight of your sewing machine, then you are good to go. I think I am going to want someone to help me when I check that! I will have to get into the habit of making my queen-size quilts in two halves or a middle-with-borders-added-afterwards, because I am not going to get my usual 85-95" wide quilt on this frame.

Hopefully next time I post I will be back on broadband!


Kathy Wagner said...

Congratulations on the new equipment! And with less time on the computer, you'll have more time for quilting!

Beth said...

YAY for you Sharon!!! Enjoy the Freestyle! We will miss you while you are away!! (I sure hope blogger decides to let me post this as it was not cooperating when I tried to comment on your last post :(

swooze said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaa......I will miss you! I want to see the blue fabric!

Melzie said...

Ugh so sorry about your dialup :( bluck. Welcome to the Q4P ring! xoxo melzie

Su Bee said...

Welcome to Q4P! I hope your BB comes back quick - I love the minitures, and want to see more!

Sarah Nopp said...

Ughh, sorry about the downgrade! You might look around for a local mobile puter guru type. They can often be pretty inexpensive and can tell you if it is indeed the router, or just the server.

You really need your broadband! It is important to share pix of your new baby!

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