Sunday, 13 May 2007

Miss Lydia Pickett - night stand and totes

My monthly Miss Lydia Pickett kit arrived a few days ago, from the monthly club that Judith of 'In Some Small Way' is running. I am doing the kits in 1/24th scale, and the kit this month was the storage baskets (totes as they are called in the kit) and the night stand.

I found the totes quite straightforward to assemble, they use the notch system similar to the drawers on the other kits to align the pieces. I painted them inside and along the top edges with acrylic paint, and sealed the art work before cutting it out and gluing it on. The instructions recommend gluing one piece at a time, and trimming any excess, and I found this easy to do by laying the tote down against the cutting mat and running a sharp blade along the edge of the tote itself to trim off slivers of paper. To get a neat finish around the handle, the kit recommends gluing on the end piece, then slicing a horizontal cut, and rolling a toothpick around the opening for a neat finish. For this to work, you need to have glue on that area of the paper (otherwise I usually apply the glue to the wood) and again, I found I could lay the tote down to make the cut, angling my knife from the inside of the tote to cut across the handle opening. By the way, I realised that these totes could also be used in 1/12th scale, where they are about desk-tidy size, so I might order an extra kit.

The night stand also went together quite easily, the techniques needed are quite familiar now that I have assembled the bed and dresser. The only problem area is once again the drawer, it is sized to fit almost exactly when bare wood, so the merest whisper of paint around the drawer area, or behind it on the drawer stops, prevents it from closing properly. I ended up having to sand off all the paint on all four sides, so if it were opened it is pretty ugly, but otherwise it wouldn't shut. The little mirror is the little extra with this kit, and went together fine.

I was very brave today and turned on my sewing machine for the first time since its return. I have wound two bobbins and done some walking foot machine quilting, and so far (touch many forests of wood) it is fine. I haven't been running it at speed and I haven't tried the thread cutter yet because I am using invisible thread, so I am not 100% sure about it yet, but so far so good.

1 comment:

swooze said... the thread cutter on monofilament a no-no? Eek! I just quilted a whole quilt with that stuff....hmmmm..

Come on run that machine through it's paces! You need to know if it is resolved or not!

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