Saturday, 19 May 2007

My two readers, and Malvern Quilt Show

Well, apparently my blog boasts only two readers, Swooze and Kathy, so thank you both of you for your comments about possible background fabrics for my Lone Star. I've left it hanging up for a few days, and it was the faded blue solid fabric which started to stand out to me. So I have ordered 3.5 yards of Kona Dresden Blue which looks (from the online pic at least) like it might be a pretty similar blue to the one in the quilt, which hopefully will be the right background choice. I agree with Kathy that the star would benefit from being disassembled and having the main points jumbled up a bit more to mix the strong fabrics amongst the softer ones. I'm not sure if I want to do that or not, it is going to be hard enough to patch in the replacement background since the star is obviously not obeying any right angles or accurate diamonds - I was planning to replace one bit of pink background at a time and use it as a pattern for the replacement, to try and keep the whole thing more or less flat.

I've just come back from a day trip to the Malvern quilt show, held at the Three Counties showground near Great Malvern - this is a 3 hour train journey with one change from my house, I had to get the 7:23 am train and eventually arrived at the show after a taxi ride about 10:45 a.m. after a fairly easy journey. I had a good day at the show - I lurked around my two quilts to see what people were saying. This bookcase quilt was entered in the Group section and was very popular, lots of people were exclaiming over it and pointing out things they liked about it, which was very ego-stroking as I loitered nearby trying not to look like a mad stalker. I also had a basket wall hanging (four baskets of flowers from an E. Burns book) entered, but it didn't attract as much interest even though I really like it. I came away with about 10 metres of fabric, two Japanese books of bags/small items, two rulers (a 60 degree ruler and the Marti Michell Log Cabin ruler), a Clover yo-yo maker, a bag pattern, and some more machine needles. I also saw a really cool tabletop frame called the Freestyle, similar to the Handiquilter but being manufactured in the UK, which was very tempting. My Janome has a deeper than normal throat so would be good on a frame. The Freestyle comes apart for storage, and comes with various widths of rod, but the widest I could put on my table would not be as wide as the doubles/queen sizes I normally make, so I would have to quilt in two halves, or in parts. I am not a huge fan of all-over quilting - I thought some of the otherwise quite nice pieced quilts at the show today were more or less ruined by completely irrelevant all-over quilting - but I know you can also use frames for part of the quilting process and then perhaps fill in more custom details off the frame. It might help to whittle down my growing top collection, I will have to measure my table and have a think about this.

Tomorrow I am off gallivanting again, I am going on a short road trip to a dollshouse store in a garden centre with a tea room in the morning and with luck will have lunch there as well (so not cooking at home!)


Jeanne said...

Love your bookcase quilt! Sounds like you had a very enjoyable day at the show.

swooze said...

OK so this is your form of blog guilt right? Trying to rummage up comments?? LOL!! Light blue should work as well. Can't wait to see that audition!

Kathy Wagner said...

Lovely bookshelf quilt! No wonder everyone was admiring it!
I have learned a lot by lurking around own and quilt shows to see what comments people make.
Have you posted your basket quilt?

Pam said...

I googled Malvern Show as I wasn't able to make it there this year - love the bookcase quilt - something unusual and unique

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