Monday, 7 May 2007

One more convention pic

This is the picture from the remaining workshop of the five that I did over the weekend with the Stay At Home Miniaturists Online Convention - a 1/12th scale arrangement of laser-cut paper flowers (which had to be built up petal by petal onto wire stems which took absolutely forever - I will not be going into the paper florist business anytime soon). I put this together this morning while I am also gradually cleaning up the debris from two full days of crafting. I've got enough flowers to do a second similar arrangement as well, just waiting for another vase to arrive.

This was my first online convention so I wasn't sure what to expect. There was a private chatroom open for the weekend for mass events such as everyone opening their goodie bags (which had arrived in the post) on Saturday morning. Everyone who wanted to take part had to make 25 items earlier in the year and send them off (I made 25 little faux-patchwork pillows) to the coordinator, who mixed them up and sent you back a bag of 25 assorted goodies from other people. The workshops were also conducted in a private chatroom which doubled up as the full-colour photo illustrated instructions which were displayed below the chat window. You purchased and ordered the kit ahead of time which arrived in the post, and did some pre-work to get ready for the workshop. Then on the day you attended at the specified time to see the instructions and the teacher was in the chatroom to answer any questions the participants might have. There is a dedicated Yahoo website where we could post photographs of our completed items to share with the others, and of our swap items and goodie bag hauls. There were apparently over 40 people signed up, but only about 10-12 of them participated actively which is a shame because it could be such a great opportunity for interactive fun. The organiser puts this down to the majority of participants being British and not wanting to join in actively like Americans might, but I know this isn't true on other chats/groups so perhaps it is just the members of this particular club.

I've discovered that I can buy yarn on line, as well as fabric, so have sent off for some more Rowan Big Wool which was on sale 20% off and a pattern for a jacket-cardigan which I hope I can wear to work if it turns out. I've put together my son's string star quilt and am just carefully enveloping it (sewing it RST to the backing, adding wadding, then turning through a gap to the right side) to avoid a bound edge so that the quilt stays soft and drapeable. I don't often use the envelope method as I find it not nearly as flat and professional a result as a normally sandwiched quilt, but for a single-size done carefully I think you can get away with it if you are not planning on quilting too closely, because there are always some fullness issues no matter how carefully you layer it. I watched a woman in my club completely destroy two quilts by just slapping them on the backing and sewing round them, no clamping or pinning or anything, and of course it was a complete disaster when she tried to quilt them, huge pleats and puckers on the back, and she ended up having to completely unpick both of them and start over. You may be wondering why I didn't step in at the beginning, but I have shown 'correct' methods on several occasions but most of my members are older than me and some of them just will do things their own way, so I minimise my own aggravation by looking the other way a lot of the time. I personally do not choose to use nylon sheeting as backing, or the world's cheapest polyester 3-inch thick batting, but if they are happy then more power to them I say. Anyway, I had better get on with restoring the craft room back to its normal function as a kitchen before dh starts grumbling.


swooze said...

I swear I posted a comment....hmmmm.... I love all your miniatures! You do such nice work. Sounds like you accomplished a lot!

Rhonda said...

You have given me something to think about. Your miniatures are fantastic, so real looking. Great job!

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