Sunday, 6 May 2007

Online Convention Weekend

well, this will be a short post because I am totally exhausted after two full days, and five full workshops, during the online miniatures convention run by the Stay-At-Home Miniatures Club. We started at 10:30 am on Saturday to open our goodie bags and swaps, and then I did two workshops on Saturday and three on Sunday. Here are pics of the finished, or semi-finished articles from four of the workshops, haven't finished my flower arrangement yet which was the fifth workshop. These are all in 1/12th scale.

It was really nice to just make things for two days, but the concentration is surprisingly exhausting, not to mention sitting in one place for so many hours. I was a bit disappointed with the chatting, they were a pretty quiet bunch and could certainly learn something from the #Quiltchatters, but the workshops were well organised. I pulled my computer out of its cabinet and set up a craft table right next to it, so I could chat and work at the same time (and now have glue stains all over the keyboard, lol). The family were warned that they had to look after themselves, which they did with varying degrees of success (I think the novelty wore off on Sunday) and we had takeaway for supper! Great weekend.


Beth said...

What a wonderful bunch of accomplishments over the weekend! And great job on getting the family to fend for themselves! The only wany I have been able to do that is to be physically out of the house and even then that tend to backfire....LOL

swooze said...

Wow! I am still amazed at the tiny treasures you create!

Not sure if I shared this but I joined a yahoogroup for Janome owners. Had some questions and looks like a good group. Maybe you could find kindred kachunk-kachunk-kachunk people there.

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