Friday, 11 May 2007

Second April applique block completed

This is the second of my two April applique blocks in my self-imposed block of the month plan to make 25 17-inch blocks from the book 'Grandmother's Last Quilt'. All the blocks are variations on botanical themes, and when I was making the templates for this one, I was thinking it was roses and rosebuds, or maybe acorns. But as I was stitching it, I was thinking of my trip to New Orleans several years ago and got to wondering if perhaps this pattern is actually cotton bolls in bud and in bloom? I have now completed eight blocks, which was enough to lay out side by side to begin to get an idea of what the quilt might look like (there will be no sashing).

I am really liking it so far, these fabrics were bought at Paducah in 2000 and a friend helped me pick out several vintage double pinks and acid greens, which I think is really going to unify the quilt even though all the blocks will be different.

I had a surprise yesterday when my sewing machine suddenly turned up at the door. Its poor box is looking so battered now that it has been away four times. Most recently it went to the Janome factory, and there was a tick-list in the box showing all the things they tested, and it had a hand-written note saying that they have adjusted the thread cutter cam and the needle threader. I hope very much that it is now cured but to tell the truth I am afraid to use it. I got it out of the box today, and I have pinned up the String Star quilt ready for quilting, but I can't quite bring myself to turn it on and try it, in case I hear that dreaded knocking noise again (or the 'kerchunk kerchunk kerchunk' as Swooze has christened it). I've been procrastinating and doing jobs around the house, and a tension sample for my next knitting project (in Rowan Biggy Print wool that I got half price). I know I have to do this thing, but I am working up to it. I think it is going to take me a long time to trust again.

1 comment:

swooze said...

I love your blocks!! They are so pretty! And it is, ahem, May now in case you didn't notice. Love you!

So the machine is back. I think I would just sew some scraps together then work up to a little sandwich to quilt on, straight lines, then if you feel confident start free motion. I know what you mean. Anytime my machine makes a funny noise I think of you and freeze for a minute. You have me nervous!

Hope all is solved! Look forward to seeing you in chat this weekend!

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