Thursday, 3 May 2007

This and That

I can't believe it's already Thursday, the week just seems to have flown by. I've been working steadily on various things, but no finishes apart from making a display box for some of my teeny- weeny room scenes. Some time ago on one of my rare trips to Ikea (rare because my husband refuses to take me there very often because he says we go there for 'x' and come away with a car load of other stuff) I spotted cheap wooden shadow boxes with glass fronts in the picture section. I bought three, one for me and one for my two dollshousing friends, and issued them a challenge that we all had to come up with something to use that box. Well this was months ago and of course I didn't get round to it for ages, but inspiration finally struck when I was trying to think how to display my tiny little 144th scale room boxes in a way that would keep them safe and keep the dust off of them. To begin with, the box looked something like this (only deeper and with a glass front).

I found some scrap wood in the shed and cut three pieces to create a u-shaped base underneath the box, faced the plywood edges of the box with some moulding, and covered the outside with some plastic brick material I had left over (bought it in the post-xmas sales at a gift shop that sold those light-up miniature xmas villages - I think it is meant to be 'path'). Inside I made a simple shelf, and covered the shelf and the base with some velour upholstery to look like carpet. Now I just need to come up with a fabulous name for my dollshouse shop window.

What else have I been doing? Well, I've sewn a few more blocks for the border of the scrap quilt - I need 24 and have completed 15. I've had a conversation with Repair Guy who has thrown in the towel and on Tuesday the machine was collected and shipped back to the Janome factory to see what they make of it. I've started my second April hand-applique block which has loads of pieces and is going to take a while. I've almost finished my Rowan Big Wool cushion cover - which is so long now that I am starting to feel like I am knitting Old Father Time's white beard or something, but I still have about 10 inches to go. I'm learning how to lace knit because I got bored with the mosaic knitting chapter in my 'Learn-To-Knit Afghan Book' and have skipped ahead to the lace section. But mainly I have spent several hours doing the pre-work for an on-line miniaturists' convention that I am doing this weekend through the 'Stay At Home Miniaturists Club'. I'm not a member but they have this open convention once a year and I thought it sounded pretty cool. We've swapped tote bag favours so I have an envelope of goodies that I can't open until Saturday morning, we've done individual swaps and I sent off a little embroidered sampler to my swap partner and have her mysterious envelope to open on Saturday, and I am taking five on-line workshops: A French dresser with plates and bowls on it, a Victorian chair where a maid has left behind her cleaning supplies, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, an arrangement of lavender toiletries, and a suitcase set. I've told my husband and son that the computer's end of the kitchen is closed for the weekend - they are allowed to access the fridge, cooker and sink but aren't allowed to talk to me :)..... they think I'm joking...


swooze said...

Wow! Busy lady. I just love your shadow box! You have accomplished a lot. Can't wait to see the results of your groups this weekend!

swooze said...

Oh. Yeah on the Janome. Did you give you a loaner? They should!

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