Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Belgian Cafe

You may recall a few posts back in May, I think, when I was describing a group swap project I have organised with three friends from my sewing club. We all chose a picture, cut it into four pieces, and gave a piece to each of the others (keeping one ourselves) to render in fabric. I previously did a slice of an African head, and a portion of a Monet impressionistic painting of a snowy farm. I put off doing this third project because I was not inspired by the restriction imposed by the owner - she provided her own fabric for the sky, building, and foreground, which kind of goes against the whole point of the project in a way. The building fabric she gave us is very low contrast and the foreground fabric is not different enough in value. Each of us was given one building to do, and mine was supposed to be a restaurant or bar. She took the picture above when she went to visit her friend in Belgium, and she wants to create a Belgian street scene as she really likes their architecture.

In the picture below, you can see the pattern she gave me on the left, and my fabric version on the right. As you can see, I couldn't resist 'jazzing it up' a little so that it didn't look so boring. She asked us to render the picture as if it were summer, and to use window boxes etc., so I have some justification. She gave us total freedom in what techniques we used, so I have mainly used fusible applique, with detailing in machine stitching. I have a great fabric which I have used a lot for this kind of picture, it is all conservatories and wrought iron and pot plants, so most of the architectural details came from that fabric. The sun umbrellas were cut out of a beach umbrella fabric that I bought at Malvern, and the awning is from an old Laura Ashley skirt that I used to wear in the early 80s which found its way into my stash many years ago. I am feeling rather clever that I have managed to suggest an outdoor patio with tables, without actually having to do any tables/chairs in fabric (which would have been hard)!

I haven't done my own fabric picture slice yet (which is of Venice) and nor have I got back any Venice slices from the other three ladies (I think they are struggling a bit with it). The due date for handing back all the pictures is September, I might wait until I have the other three slices and see how they look before I do mine - I might need to modify my slice to go better with what they've done.

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swooze said...

Swooze worships Sharon-UK! When swooze grows up (do I have to) she wants to be just like Sharon-UK!!

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