Friday, 8 June 2007

I own a Featherweight!

I am now the proud owner of a (currently non-sewing) Singer Featherweight 222 Free Arm model. I went down to the charity shop where they were holding the machine for me (after my inside mole had told me about it) to try it out. It is in reasonable cosmetic condition, some scratches and wear but not too bad, but I think the electrics need replacing as the insulation and plug look old. There is power to the motor, and it tries to sew, but the top thread keeps looping and snagging on the bobbin case plus all this oily fluff is coming up the stitch plate, so I think it needs a good service to sort it out and then it will be fine. I wanted it anyway because it was the 222 which is rarer, so we discussed price. I didn't want to cheat them because it was a Cancer Research shop, but equally they aren't supposed to be selling electrical goods at all and certainly not non-working ones, so they were eager to unload it. So we settled on a price we were both happy with which took into account that I will likely have to pay more than that again to have it serviced and re-wired. The case is in good condition as well, although it doesn't have a drop-in tray at the top like my mother's did, and it has its original manual, an embroidery hoop for darning, and the little green box of accessories which looks fairly complete. Now I just need to find a good place to send it for a service (I don't use my local place because I hate them, we had a real falling out some years ago and I've never been back, and lots of other people complain about them as well). This will be my machine for taking out of the house once it is working, and my Janome will stay home safe and sound. It has an 'EM' prefix on the serial number, I looked it up and it was born in 1957 in the factory in Clydesbank, Scotland. That means it is 50 years old, wow. Bet not many of our computerised machines will still be working in 50 years time.

Yesterday I spent more than two hours wrecking my eyes as I glued on 636 tiny 'cookies' onto tiny 'cookie sheets' for a swap that I am doing in quarter-scale. I couldn't even do any applique last night because my eyes were really sore, I went back to doing my big knitting as I caught up on Grey's Anatomy which has just started its third season over here. Remember when we were younger and you could do stuff without straining your eyes/back/hands/whatever? I feel better today, if I get a chance (loads of paperwork to get through) I hope to start my June Miss Lydia Pickett kits which arrived in the post while I was on holiday.


swooze said...

Nice! There are yahoogroups for the featherweight service! Or try purpy in chat!

Pam said...

I bought a lovely little featherweight a few months ago and I did a bit of online research regarding servicing. One of the reason the thread can be looping is when the foot plate is removed there is a little catch on the bobbin case that needs to be in the right position when you put the footplate back on. Hopefully you can find a good service tech. I'm sure you will enjoy it once it is up and running :))

Greenmare said...

ooooooooo good job you!
how exciting!

Jeanne said...

Congrats on the featherweight! I use mine for almost all of my machine piecing. It sews like a dream and is so easy to care for.

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