Monday, 11 June 2007

'May' Applique Block

I had a plan this year to do two hand applique 17-inch blocks per month, from the book 'Grandmother's Last Quilt'. Unfortunately this plan has developed more and more time lag until I arrive at the sorry situation where I have just finished my first May block on 10th June. Partly it is because of all the inside and outside corners on the petals of the flower, and then I was away for a week on holiday, but mainly it is because I just haven't been doing the time. I also don't feel this block has turned out as well as the earlier ones. Grrrrrr...

Several people have told me that if I just follow the steps in the Singer FW manual for cleaning and lubricating, it might get it sewing again. Apparently I need 'Singer Lube' to lubricate it, will have to see if I can get some of that in this country. I haven't done anything with the machine yet, been too busy at work.


Jeanne said...

Very pretty applique block!

swooze said...

I love this block! Just do what you can do and that is all you can do.... :D love love love~~~

Susan said...

I think it's a gorgeous block! There are so many ins and outs, I am amazed you aren't still stitching them! Love your color choices, too.

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