Wednesday, 13 June 2007

My garden, and Stashbuster topics

I love this time of year in my garden - everything is blooming and not much has succumbed to all the horrible diseases that come in the summer (black spot, mildew etc. etc. I get it all here). I have planted several hanging baskets, each with a different fuschia in the middle, and I just love this double fuschia which is so exotic (no, I don't know what it is called, I just go to the garden centre and grab things).

I planted a low lavender hedge along the edge of the lawn when we moved in four years ago, and it has grown up into a lovely feature which is just glorious this time of year. I am going to cut some tomorrow for drying.

While I was on holiday I missed a couple of Stashbuster topics. I think one was on 'What is your dream quilt to make one day?'. Well, my dream quilt is likely the latest one that has caught my eye, as I am terrible about falling in love with things I see in books and magazines (thus my nick ShinyNewThing). But one quilt I have always intended to tackle is the Double Wedding Ring, except I just know it will be a disaster because it embodies all the things I'm not good at: accuracy, points, curves, repetitive blocks etc. But I keep flirting with the DWR. I bought the John Flynn book years ago (where you sew strips, and cut across, then re-sew the seams at an angle to make wedges), and later I bought rotary templates from Quilting in the Heartland, and I have been tempted by the pre-printed interfacing, and by the laser-cut kit on the Fons & Porter website. One of these days...

The other topic was on how do you label your quilt. I do label almost all my quilts, although if I am giving it away I might just sew on one of my 'Made by ...' tags because I'm not sure non-quilters understand having a whole bunch of writing on the back.
In most cases I hand-write in Pigma pen onto a fabric printed label, which I buy from quilt shows, and I try to have a label that relates to the subject of the quilt, such as this xmas label for my xmas quilt. I always put my name, town and county, the date I finished it, and if it is a pattern then the name of the designer and perhaps the book/mag the pattern appeared in.

Sometimes, particularly if I am not going to wash the quilt (e.g. a wall hanging) I just print out a label from the computer.

Occasionally for special quilts that I know I will never give away or sell, I go into a lot more detail, listing my design source, or RR contributors, or the reason I made it. This was a signature quilt from a tour to Paducah, and I have a big story about why and who made it, and a photo of the tour (printed onto fabric).
I label quilts primarily because I have the memory of a may fly since giving birth 12 years ago and I like to have it written down when I made it and why. There is also the heritage aspect, so that if my quilts ever escape into the wide world and end up with a quilter, they will know a bit about it. But honestly, I highly doubt that many, if any at all, of my quilts will still be around in 150 years. I also wonder sometimes if quilters might be going a bit overload with the whole labelling thing - it is romantic to wonder who made the antique quilts of our great grandmothers when there aren't so many of those around. But when there are zillions of 1990/2000 quilt revival quilts floating around in the year 2150, all documented to the eyeballs, I wonder how special it is going to be really. Aren't I a big cynic?


JoAnna said...

I am awful about labeling my quilts (mostly because I am lazy). But now I am totally going to use your romantic idea as an excuse.

I don't label my quilts because I want them to be a romantic mystery to someone in the future!

swooze said...

I love your fuschia and lavendar. So pretty. Do you have a pic of the front of your gift quilt? I would love to see it!

Kathy Wagner said...

Your garden flowers are beautiful...especially the lavender! I enjoyed reading about your labels.

Susan said...

Gorgeous flowers. I like your method of choosing. Half the time I don't know what things are, but I do know what I like! The lavender is absolutely beautiful!

Your labels are great. I usually write on the back of the binding in permanent ink, because I'm in such a hurry!

Meredith said...

Your yard is lovely. I encourage you to make a wedding ring quilt. I have not made one yet either but I do admire them.

Greenmare said...

gorgeous lavendar!! and I love the fuschia! My mother was a master gardener and could tell you at a glance what the latin and common names for everything were. I do not aspire to that level either! I see a pretty flower/shrub/tree and I want it in my yard - end of story-

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