Thursday, 21 June 2007

Time is flying by

I can't believe it is Thursday already - have you noticed that the older we get, the faster time seems to whiz by? For that matter, I can't believe it is June already and my trip to Sisters starts in just two weeks. I had all these plans to get fitter and do lots of exercise before I went, which needless to say hasn't happened, and now I am starting to panic slightly about the pre-work I need to do for the two classes I am taking there (choosing fabric and some pre-cutting, plus getting supplies packed). I had a bit of anxiety when the final tour itinerary arrived and it said we were now having a day out on excursions on the same day that my second class was happening - but it turns out this was a mistake and the day out is still on the original day which they had told us to keep free. I am dreading the first travel day though - we have to be at the airport at 07:30 and by the time we finally land at Portland it will be 03:00 am the next day. I am going to be so wrecked that it isn't going to be funny. Just hope I don't pick up a cold on the plane - I've done that before and it isn't fun either.

No pics today because I haven't finished anything. I am currently working on my next applique block while I watch tv in the evenings, plus I have finished knitting my Big Wool cardigan and have blocked the pieces and am now sewing it together. This is one big heavy cardigan, definitely not for summer wear! I have finished replacing all four corners of the Lone Star and have unpicked and swapped the two quarters so that the odd-coloured points are more distributed. That caused some problems with the centre not lining up very well, but I have reached a compromise on that. Now I just need to replace the four triangle background pieces and it will be all blue. I've checked with a ruler and none of the triangles between points are 90 degrees either, plus I can't use the former pink triangles as patterns now that I have swapped the points around. So my cunning plan is (haven't tried this yet so not sure it is going to work) to spread the quilt out flat on the carpet, and prick through the seam lines onto a large piece of paper to capture the correct angle for each triangle. Then I can 'connect the dots' to make a custom pattern for that particular triangle. That's the plan, anyway.

I'm still knitting the baby cardigan that I took on holiday, I think I will keep on taking it camping this summer until it is done. I have my Saturday Sewing Club this weekend and I am getting ready to make the Chelsea knapsack/bag from the Lazy Girl pattern series that day - I've been reading through the directions and now I need to choose some appropriate fabric. It looks straightforward enough, although I am not keen on the outside pocket - I think I might substitute a zipped pocket instead.


swooze said...

I want to see the Lone Star!! (insert picket line here). When you get to the states lets try to catch up on the phone. Let me know where you will be staying and when. I'll give you a call.

Pam said...

Boy that sounds like it will be quite the trip. You must be coming from a long way away. I hope you enjoy your time at Sisters. I have never been there - I am hoping to go one day. I am only about an 7 hour drive away.

Quilt crazy said...

I'm looking forward to Sisters too! It is always such a fun day trip for us Oregonians! Just a quick 2 1/2 drive over the mountains. Be sure to get out 8am, while it is cooler and before the crowds take over! If you are shopping at the Stichin Post...try to do it the day before or very first thing in the morning...otherwise the crowds are so thick you can't move! Watch for pictures after the show on my blog

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