Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Applique Block 10

Another applique block done - I am trying to do two 17-inch hand applique blocks a month from the book 'Grandmother's Last Quilt' but I have fallen behind. So I have decided to number them instead, which conceals my failure to keep to schedule! This is block 10, and my target is 25 blocks for a Queen-size quilt (there is no sashing). Only 15 to go...

I have packed for Sisters and weighed my suitcase because I was worried about the new weight restrictions on luggage but I think I am alright. I am dreading the first day of travel, 3 hours at the airport, an 11 hour flight to San Francisco, a 3.5 hour layover, then another flight to Portland, Oregon, so by the time we get to the hotel in the evening in Portland it will be like 4 am the next day for me. I hate being bored as well, but of course you can't take knitting or sewing on the plane. I am taking my knitting (the baby cardigan) for the coach journeys during the tour but it has to go in my checked luggage. I will likely take my tatting for the plane, but to be honest I get a bit bored with tatting after 20 or 30 minutes - I am obviously not a true tatter as I find it a bit repetitive (plus I am pants at anything that requires counting accurately - this covers cross-stitch and tapestry where my designs are never quite like the picture, lol). I have two magazines, a few books, and a Gameboy Advance but I still anticipate a tedious flight.

I have also packed for the quilt talk I am giving tomorrow night to a branch of the Women's Institute on 4th July. They wanted an American theme, so someone gave them my name (lol, I was born in Canada but the Brits think I am American) and I am taking along about 20 or so quilts in four suitcases to do a show & tell, and talk about quilting in America. And they pay me! what a great job. I like doing the talks, not because I am a great public speaker because I am not, but because it is the only time a lot of my quilts get out. They mostly live in a shelved armoire next to my bed, and I really can't believe how many I have when I get them all out. It makes me feel a bit abnormal - does one person with only one bed really need more than 20 queen-sized or double-sized quilts? I do use most of them, but obviously I can only use one at a time. I can also display two bed-sized quilts - one on a rail above my bed, and one in the stairwell on a special hanging pole I have rigged up.

I am very bad about giving quilts away, I have put a lot of myself into them and I find it hard to let go in case they get sold for charity for five bucks or for someone's dog to sleep on. I have given a few away, but it happened sort of by accident, when someone (usually a family member) saw the quilt and spontaneously said 'oh I love that!'. But now I am running out of room so I really need to make some hard choices. Quilts are not nearly so appreciated here in the UK as they are in the States, so it is almost impossible to sell them for any realistic price. People only want to pay what they would pay for a nice blanket. I offered a good one to my son's school for a raffle but I had to explain to the Bursar what I meant and they never took me up on it. Oh well. Must try not to buy too many new projects in Sisters.


Kathy Wagner said...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling sad when you give quilts away or sell them. I have the same dilemma and thoughts as you...how many quilts does one person need?!?

swooze said...

Yes plane travel certainly has taken the fun from crafters with all their sharp pointy objects. Maybe you should check out loom knitting!

I had one quilt that really hurt to give away. I loved the colors so much. I have bought fabric with the intent to make it again and haven't yet! It's on my every growing list.

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