Monday, 30 July 2007

At last some sunshine

When we got back from sunny San Francisco (and baking Sisters) it seemed so grey and wet here in England, where we are having one of the wettest summers on record, but yesterday and today the sun has finally peeked out down here near London and it has been quite pleasant. I sent in some feedback to the tour company who ran my tour to Sisters, and was disappointed to receive a very defensive reply today - they are obviously not flexible about changing anything and even went so far as to imply that I was a lone voice (if not actually lying) which is just not good business practice in my opinion. I know that many of the other tour members shared my views on how the tour (and buses) could have been improved even if they haven't actually fed back (it isn't very British to complain so I doubt many of them will put their views in writing). I am a paying customer and I would have thought typical of the clientele the tour company would like to attract (have money, will travel abroad) - but I guess they think that they are doing everything just fine and are not interested in any views to the contrary. They are new to quilter's holidays and I don't think they fully appreciate how much quilters network on what holidays to go on and who does the best ones, because they won't get much word of mouth referral if they aren't prepared to improve and listen to feedback on what people want.

I had a good sewing club day on Saturday, which was the maiden voyage for my Featherweight. After a few false starts (I managed to put the fresh needle in the wrong way - -twice) it sewed beautifully all day with its new Little Foot that I bought in America and my Moda Tin Kit pieced star came out very well. I think I might incorporate it into a tote bag.

Here is a picture of my seaside wallhanging now that it has its borders on. The outer border is actually navy but has come out rather dark in the photo (and the red border is actually fairly straight and not rippled as it appears in the photo). The white blob to the left is a representation of an old church tower that exists on one side of our favourite beach on the Isle of Wight - I will be stitching over it when I quilt to make it look more like a lump of stone and less like a white blob stuck to the quilt. :)

I sewed up my little baby cardigan/shrug and blocked it - I am quite pleased with how it has turned out and it is pretty close to the measurements of the pattern. I only learned to knit properly this past winter so I feel a sense of achievement regarding the lacy holes and the shaping on this little garment. I am going to try my hand at a pair of socks with double-pointed needles next.

I am cutting the squares for my 'Robert's Baltimore Album' quilt and have been disappointed to find that I only have three repeats of the motifs and not the four repeats actually needed for the quilt designed by RJR. I bought these panels a few years ago when they were just being discontinued and I now recall that this yardage was all I could find on the internet at the time. I have plenty of motifs, enough for two quilts likely, but I don't have the four repeats that let you have matching corner motifs etc. Oh well, I will have a unique design.

I am cutting 10 1/2 inch squares, and of course I have three square rulers but none of them are 10 1/2, so I came up with this solution in the picture. I have taped my two Olfa one-inch wide rulers to the sides of my 9 1/2 square, which has made a very passable 10 1/2 square. I am going to cut out all the motifs and then start playing around to see if I can come up with a pleasing layout.


swooze said...

Any more issues with the Janome? I love the baby sweater. I did a bit of knitting on my knifty knitter when I was away on vacation. Will share pics on my blog soon.

Greenmare said...

Oh I love your star block and your sea-scape! and the little baby sweater is adorable! what talent!!!

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