Saturday, 14 July 2007

Live from Show Day

Hey everyone, it's 10:15 am on Show Day, and I am back in the library for a rest because I've been on the go since 06:45 when I reported to the Quilt Show office to volunteer to hang quilts. I was lucky and was paired up with an efficient American lady who had hung quilts before, she had her own truck and her own ladder, so we whipped over to our section and hung about 15 quilts on our own, and helped another team with about another 10. I had been wondering how the quilts would be hung - turns out the participating businesses have wires strung along nails inside their verandahs or on their walls. We had a rag to wipe the wires with, but some of them were really rusty and my American partner said this isn't a show you enter a white quilt into! The buildings themselves of course are not necessarily that clean either. The quilts are hung quite simply by doubling a corner over the wire and securing it with a wooden clothes peg. The longer ones are folded at an appropriate place, like a border, and then pegged as before. We also hung some quilts along an upstairs balcony rail, and those were actually thumbtacked into place, although we tried to put the pin in through the binding seam where the hole wouldn't show.

The organisation is really incredible - we were given a photograph of the building with stars showing where the quilts should be hung, and the coding on the photograph matched the coding on the black plastic bags of quilts which were delivered by the team leader to each building. We just had to take the quilts out and hang them. So now I've got a nice ribbon that says I am a volunteer which will be a nice keepsake.

It's hot today but only in the 90s I think, and there is a nice breeze so it isn't too bad. The town is filling up, the atmosphere is like a country fair only with quilts instead of animals. Lots of entrepreneurs are set up selling food and drink, antique quilts and lots of other stuff. I lined up at the Hewlett Packard stand behind the Stitching Post and I got my photo taken in front of the official show banner as a souvenir - they are printing them out of about six little photo printers which I am sure are going to self-combust by about lunchtime because the line was huge (I got there early). I found my quilt on display - I brought over a little calendar quilt I made a long time ago because it fit in my suitcase - it is on the side of the hardware store so not as far out of town as I was afraid it might be when I handed it in past the deadline (because we didn't get here until Sunday). I also found the block contest - neither Eileen nor I won, which is a relief because the winners go in a pool to win the quilts and neither of us liked the fabric at all. An American lady looked closely at Eileen's (a card trick block) and exclaimed "oh look! A Stack n Whack!" so I don't know if she has been a quilter for too long.

We wondered how the town was going to cope with 20,000 visitors pouring in but so far it seems fine, they have blocked the main street to traffic this year for the first time which must be a big help.

OK, I'm going to head back out and look at some more quilts!

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swooze said...

Hey! You didn't give your blog stalker a mention!! Glad you had fun! Sounds like it was more entertaining for you.

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