Friday, 27 July 2007

More Pics (and still jet-lagged)

It's Friday and I am still having problems sleeping through the night (I got back Monday) - how long is this jet lag thing going to last??? It's getting old, I can tell you. I have unpacked everything now and here is a picture of all my craft shopping . The vintage snowball top at right was bought from a dealer in Sisters - she thought it was feedsack prints but some of the other fabric looks more like 70s to me, so perhaps somebody made the top up from a mixture of fabrics.

This is a pic of the two Accidental Landscapes I made in my class with Karen Eckmeier. They aren't quilted yet, and the bottom one does not yet have the outer border applied which will be the autumn leaf fabric shown. These were so easy to do - I bought some more sky fabrics because I think I might make some more.

It's been really nice to get back to my sewing machine. I've put together three charity cot quilt tops using up some leftover RR blocks, and also added the borders and finishing touches to the seaside wallhanging. I still haven't put together my new quilting frame, but when I do I will practice quilting on the charity cot quilt tops before tackling some of my backlog of tops. I've also finished knitting the main pieces for the baby cardigan - I took it on holiday with me and did a lot of knitting when I was sitting around in the air conditioned hotel room in Sisters - but I've run out of yarn before I've knit the ribbing bands, so I need to go back to the store and get another ball.

Tomorrow is my Saturday Sewing Club - I am trying to decide what project to take along. I think it will either be the Mystery Quilt blocks from Sisters, or a Moda tin quilt kit that I've had for a while for a pieced star. When I got back from the holiday, the fabric I had ordered from Hancock's for the border to go around the Lone Star (the one where I replaced the background in blue) had arrived, but I'm not sure I like it. It looks a lot paler than I was expecting, I was expecting it to read more as 'red'. What do you think??


Kathy Wagner said...

I like the red. I think it looks good with the colours in the quilt. You did a great job on replacing the background.
And I love your landscapes!

swooze said...

Ooh...nice loot!

Meredith said...

nice new items! I am not sure on the border fabric do you have a darker red to put by it side and compare? Sometimes taking photos helps me.

Rose Marie said...

I like the border fabric as it picks up the colours in the star and it blends nicely with the blue background.

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