Tuesday, 17 July 2007

San Francisco

We've made it to San Francisco, where it is about 20 degrees cooler than Sisters, and I've just had a nice steak and lobster dinner on Fisherman's Wharf. We had a very tedious bus journey today of about 8 hours from Klamath Falls, but we did stop at a super quilt shop called Tater Patch in Merrill, Oregon, which was really fantastic. It was in an old farmhouse but every room (including the bathroom) was chock full of fabric both downstairs and upstairs. The ladies were really nice and even gave everyone on the coach a nice goodie bag when we got back on the bus. The night before, when we pulled into Klamath Falls (having driven down to Crater Lake from Sisters) we spotted a fairly large quilt shop (the Quilted Rooster I think it was called) where all the fabric was $7 a yard so we had a fairly good time there and they stayed open late to cut all our fabric. I have now expanded beyond my second bag and may have to buy a bigger one I think.

After I posted on Saturday (Sisters Show Day) I went back out into the heat and spent a few more hours looking at quilts, and then I headed over to the park for lunch where I had arranged to meet Whitebear and Jemo from QuiltChat. I didn't know if I would be able to find them but I spotted Whitebear easily and we had lunch together where I heard all about their tour which sounded way better than our tour. I also got a message from Aunty_Social who said 'Hi' via one of our other tour members who was in a class with her. But the big surprise was when Swooze called my hotel room - I had been trying to contact her without any luck in the week, so she got in touch with me instead. Thanks Swooze! It was great to chat to you (although I am still disappointed that you didn't have a nice Texan drawl).

I am getting a bit fed up with being on the tour now, I have to say, and being herded everywhere like sheep. Tomorrow we have a three hour sightseeing tour of San Francisco, then a free afternoon, then a farewell dinner, then on Wednesday we are going to a museum of quilts in San Jose then the tour group flies home - yay!! I am staying on for a city break until Sunday, so I am looking forward to some non-tour holiday.

I have added many things to my purchases, let's see if I can remember:

- a stack of Moda fat quarters in the American Jane range
- a christmas panel
- several 30s fat quarters
- several bag handles because these are really expensive in the UK and I want to make some bags
- 2 yards of a pink fireworks print I liked
- 1 yard of one sky print, and a half yard of another, and a 1/4 yard of another, so I can make some more accidental landscapes

I know there is more in my bag but my mind is blank and other hotel guests are waiting to use the computer so I had better get off!


swooze said...

OK not to scare you off or anything but I added a calling plan that lets me call the UK for 8 cents a minute. So if you want to continue our chats I will work on that Texas drawl!

Rhonda said...

Wow, seems like you are having a blast with the exception of being herded. With all that fabric and such, you might need 2 more storage bags. LOL

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