Thursday, 12 July 2007

Your Roving Reporter in Sisters

Hey, I found internet access at the Sisters public library! Hi everyone, I'm reporting live to you from Sisters, Oregon, where it is ridiculously hot (in the high 90s and it was over 100 on Tuesday). Our English tour has been here since Sunday night. We flew into Portland after an incredibly long day (I got up at 6:30 am, and it was about 4:00 am the next day UK time before I got to bed) on Saturday, Sunday we had a bus tour around Portland which looks like a nice city, and then a stop in Salem to visit Greenbaum's Quilted Forest quilt shop where we were warmly welcomed by the owner. We had some free time in Salem to have some lunch and do a bit of non-quilt shopping (I got the videogame my son wanted so I can go home with kudos as the best mommy in the world now), then drove up to Sisters. It is really gorgeous here, the snow-capped Sisters mountains loom over everything (which is a bit ironic considering how hot we are down here).

So far it is pretty quiet here - it isn't the best place to be located if you don't have a car. We are staying at the Sisters Inn which is on the edge of town, it is like a motel but still the best accommodation in town I think and we are quite comfortable (with airconditioning!!). But it is a 15 minute walk to the High School where the classes and lectures are (a long hot walk) or a 10 minute walk to the edge of the town of Sisters. And Sisters itself is just a collection of gift shops really, other than the fantastic Stitching Post quilt shop. I've been kept busy because I signed up for a class on Monday and Wednesday, plus some lectures, but I think some of the other English ladies, particularly the older ones, are finding it rather hot and boring. We were taken out by bus on Tuesday to see the High Desert Museum which was really good, and into the town of Bend (about 30 miles away) to visit Sew Many Quilts shop, but we weren't given any time to explore anywhere else and it was so hot that the airconditioning on the bus couldn't cope, so it was a pretty uncomfortable ride.

On the plus side, I've really enjoyed my classes and everyone I've met has been so friendly and generous. I haven't been buying nearly as much as on previous trips, let me see if I can remember what I've got so far:
- a booklet of patterns for quilted backpacks
- a booklet of patterns for bags and totes
- a pattern called 'Let it Snow' and six yards of two different fabrics to go with it
- a kit with pattern and fabric for a vintage log cabin from the Stitchin Post
- a new seam ripper (broke mine just before I came away, obviously I am overusing it!)
- two vintage Needlecraft magazines from 1925 and 1926
- two copies of Quilter's Home magazine, and one of American Patchwork and Quilting
- a Valerie Wells pattern for big swirly cushions
- a Moda Jelly Roll Pattern that looks like pinwheels (haven't found a jelly roll to go with it yet though)
- two boxes of Angel Food cake mix, and some Glad Press 'n Seal for machine quilting (can't get these in UK)
- a couple of secondhand dollhouse books

That's all I can remember, I have a feeling there are a few more things tucked into my suitcase that I've forgotten about.

My plan for today is to look in a few more of the gift shops before it gets too hot, then retreat to my lovely airconditioned hotel room to do some quiet knitting and tatting. Tonight is the Show & Tell evening at the High School which should be fun. Last night I went to a hilarious lecture by Margaret Miller about why we quilt, what do we get out of it and what are we giving back as quilters.

Best wishes all - hopefully I will find a computer again before the end of the holiday so I can log back on.


Beth said...

Oh Sharon it sounds like you are having a blast!!! I wish I was there having fun too...THanks for checking in and enjoy yourself....We all miss you :)

swooze said...

Wish I was there!! I called and left you a message at the hotel!

Quilt crazy said...

Just wait until Saturday...the quilts will be incredible and the crowds huge. Enjoy the homemade applesauce in the Shooting gallery cafe, right in the center of town. Wonderful for breakfast. I'm so looking forward to driving over on Saturday. Get out very early to see and enjoy the quilts before the heat! Watch my blog...just click next in this ring for some pictures to be posted later this week.

Sarah Nopp said...

I hope you have time to go explore Bend again before you leave. It is really a nice little mountain town, with that pretty river running through. And the downtown is quite walking friendly.

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