Sunday, 12 August 2007

Handbag and Chelsea Tote Part Deux

I had a fun afternoon on Thursday and ran up this handbag (or 'purse' to Americans). It was really fun to just sit down and make something creative, just because I could and because I wanted a summer handbag, not because of guilt or feeling that I have to finish off something from my extensive UFO collection. I bought the handles and hardware on my American trip, because it was way cheaper over there than here in the UK. This is my own design of bag - I didn't put any pockets inside but it is lined with coordinating fabric. I cut the last thread on Thursday, moved in my stuff from my big bag, and took it shopping in our nearby town! I took advantage of every window to admire my reflection!

I said that I would revert on how I was finding the Chelsea Tote by Lazy Girl designs (which I blogged about making on 24 June 2007). I have been using it as my main bag off and on for the summer because it is so colourful. If you recall, I expressed doubt about the square bottom because it didn't seem very comfortable as either a tote or a backpack - the small base meant that it rolls around on the back as a backpack, and sticks out when it is a tote. I have now actually removed the Bag-E-Bottom (acrylic base from Lazy Girl Designs) so that the bottom of the bag is floppy, because it was sticking into me - this makes the bag more wearable but I still think a rectangular base would be preferable. I also would prefer the straps to be attached further apart from each other on the back of the bag - they are very close together which means they cut into me under the arms when I am wearing the bag as a backpack. I think you could move them apart by another couple of inches without affecting how the bag works as a tote. Otherwise, I've been fairly happy with the bag - the loop closure works surprisingly well - the only problem I've had is when my son dumped the bag down roughly and because it was open at the top, some of the contents (my mobile phone) jumped right out of it. So it isn't as family-proof as a closed bag would be.


jeanne said...

Love it! Great colors!

swooze said...

I love the batik. You did a great job...admiring yourself....*ggg*....

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