Sunday, 5 August 2007

A little bit sunburned

The sunshine is here with a vengeance now, it was 28 degrees today and I was feeling a bit car-sick from too much sun over the weekend as we drove back from a few days away camping. I visited a favourite shop of mine, C&H fabrics in Canterbury, which is a great dressmaking/knitting/crafts/haberdashery/home dec store that there don't seem to be too many of anymore here in England. I didn't buy any fabric (they don't have a very big selection of quilter's fabric) but I did pick up a beaded bracelet kit which was on sale right near the cash register where they can tempt you with an impulse buy. And I was strong and did not buy any more yarn, as I am only partway through my first sock out of three different sock yarns that I brought home from San Francisco. I admit to fondling the yarn however.

I got all the squares and sashing cut out for both a double size and single size Robert's Baltimore Album this past week. After some thought, I have decided to make the double top into a duvet cover, so I have unearthed my overlocker (serger) from under my sewing table and got it set up to do a four-thread 1/4 inch seam. I have sewn together all the rows now, just need to do some pressing and join them up. I haven't cut out the borders yet. The Robert's Baltimore Album finishes at 81" square, and I measured my current duvet cover at 83 x 85, so I am going to need to add on a bit around the edges (can't do that with the border as it is a pre-printed swag). I have ordered some wide backing from Big Horn Quilts in America, I couldn't find anything that really matched the Album fabric so have just gone with a wishy-washy tone on tone. I made a duvet cover pieced from Harry Potter fabrics for my son some years ago, and it is still going strong - the serging protects the seam allowances.

I am about halfway through my applique block number 11, which I usually work on in front of the telly, but lately I have been knitting my sock so progress on the applique has slowed down.

And finally, I have assembled my Miss Lydia Pickett closet kit and given it two coats of paint, so I just need to add the printies this week and I can post a pic. It went together quite well, once I received the sheet of photographs that should have been with the kit but wasn't - but Judith of In Some Small Way sent me a copy.

My dolls house club had a bit of a leadership coup a few months back, when the old committee basically quit (and even left the club in many cases) and a new regime took over. Under the new regime, instead of the committee purchasing or providing the kits for our 'make' each month, the members have to take turns. I suppose it is fairer to spread the work, but obviously it was very nice to just be handed a kit every month in the old days! So my two friends and I are going to do the October meeting, and my friend Pauline has put together 24 kits, which my friend Eileen bagged up, and now I get to write the instructions and produce the printies to go with each kit. We have chosen a Victorian lawn croquet set, with four mallets, a smasher, six hoops, four balls, all contained in a nice box. I hope everyone likes it.

Swooze asked if I have had any more problems with my Janome. I no longer take it out of the house and it hasn't made any more funny knocking noises. It still has the original problem of the upper thread looping and catching firmly inside the crevice next to the take-up lever, and then snapping, but I have decided to live with that. It has, however, developed a new problem which is that the presser foot doesn't want to stay raised. Sometimes I have to raise it three or four times before it 'takes' and stays up. I am living with that as well, because I am afraid that if I send it off to the shop it will develop some new and far worse problem. Other than that, it is sewing fine!

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swooze said...

I see that everyone has a hand in organizing your kits. It is more work but don't you think you get a bit more say?

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