Tuesday, 21 August 2007


One of the cats is on steroid pills and I am on antibiotics, so both bottles are sitting next to my breakfast glass of water this morning and I got to thinking how easy it would be to get mixed up. If steroids bulk up muscles, what would happen if I start taking cat steroids? Perhaps I will turn into Superquilter, or the world's fastest knitter or maybe just achieve the ability to lick my own behind, who knows. I am getting into quite a routine, I take my antibiotic (for a sinus infection) then I chase down the cat (who now hates me with a passion) and stuff half a steroid pill down her throat. Perhaps I should try her on the antibiotics if I am going to start taking her steroids. Anyway, I am feeling better after a bit of a rough weekend (camping in the rain, again, why do we do it...) and hopefully she will be too. The steroids are to soothe inflammation caused by overgrooming - translation: she has licked herself bald and it is starting to bleed.

Thanks to the soggy camping expedition and my generally feeling rough, I have done very little the last several days apart from chasing cats around the house. I have been knitting my second sock, incorporating the tips for better wraps on the short row heel that I referred to in my last post, and have turned the heel and started on the ribbing (toe-up pattern). The heel looks really great, on one side. The other side still has some holes in it, so for some reason I have been inconsistent - perhaps when I picked up the wraps? I don't know.

I am working sluggishly on a dresser scarf (a table runner destined for use on top of a dresser) for a Brown Bag Challenge in my sewing group. This is where we swapped anonymous bags of specified fabric quantities, and we all have to make a household object as requested by the donor. Our September meeting is the deadline for giving it back to the owner, so I have to get moving. The fabrics I received were all autumnal, so I have chosen a leaf pattern from a table runner book I bought in America, I will post a picture when I get my act in gear.

The weather has turned really rotten here in the UK, actually like autumn. I have been wearing my autumn clothes to work the last few days, and this morning I even went back for my fleece winter hat because the cold wind was making my head ache. It is supposed to improve a bit next week but I think summer is basically over. Still, shouldn't complain, at least we are not facing a Force 5 hurricane.

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swooze said...

Gosh I hated caring for the neighbor cats. They needed pills. Let me say I was clawed and had to actually pull a claw OUT of my hand using my "free" hand while clutching the cat under my arm. UGH!

I hope you all are well very soon!

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