Friday, 24 August 2007


This is the tablerunner / dresser scarf that I have been working on for my club's Brown Bag Exchange. It is currently measuring 12" x 45", which is close to the donor's request for 13" x 45". I like how the leaves tessellate, and I thought the pattern was an appropriate choice for the autumnal fabrics. This is a partial set of blocks from a tablerunner pattern in the book "Triangulations Table Runners - A Second Helping" by Bear Paw Productions. Triangulations is a cd I bought myself as a xmas pressie a few years ago - it contains .pdf files of half-square triangle grids in all sizes, so you can print out whatever size you want. I print them out on tracing paper which tears away easily afterwards. I plan to quilt this free motion by stitching veins onto each leaf.

Does anyone else have trouble uploading images into Blogger? I had to try three times before this image would load, and that is quite typical. I keep getting a screen that says 'Internet Connection Problems' or something like that, even though my connection is fine, and it seems to happen at all times of the day. And then when they do load, they always appear at the top of the post, and I have to drag them down to where I want them, which leaves behind extra empty lines and sometimes disrupts other images. All very unsatisfactory. I've tried pasting Images in from the clipboard but that doesn't seem to work. I also cannot upload more than one image at a time (even though Blogger gives the option to upload multiple images) and it won't take in images from the internet (I have to save them to my pc first then upload them). Is it just me or are these still problems left over from the beta blogger? I'm on a 2meg broadband connection which otherwise appears to be working absolutely fine.


swooze said...

That tablerunner is gorgeous! I love it.

I do have trouble with loading pics and have to save to my PC as well. I am able to load multiple pics though and haven't gotten the internet connection message.

I haven't figured out how to place my pics yet. One day....

Have fun camping!

Greenmare said...

I love the table runner! it's beautiful! I hope your kitty is feeling better soon!

jeanne said...

I have trouble placing pictures in the order I want. I can load 3-4 pictures at a time, but always save them to a new file folder first. Found that helped for some reason. I also have problems with spacing and leaving blank lines between paragraphs, sometimes.

Love the table autumn...we are already there as the geese are back, flying overhead each morning and evening.

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