Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Checking in

I feel guilty that I haven't blogged since last Thursday, but with this quilting frame tying up both my worktable and my sewing machine, I really can't do much else except practice my machine quilting. I have loaded my Civil War shoo-fly lap quilt onto the frame and am very carefully trying out pantograph designs on it. So far so good - it is a bit shaky but still better than I could have done without the frame. I have also spent quite a lot of time googling for tips on how to use frames - although I am still disappointed in my search for a book or dvd. I have joined two Yahoo groups for home frame users so hopefully when I get time to trawl through their messages I will pick up some more tips.

I had a couple of unexpected emails this week. One was from an American gal who had been going through my Flickr album, and she emailed to ask if she could buy my teacup. Now I am not running a home business or anything, but I am happy to pass on the teacup to someone who really wants it. So I suggested a price which she is happy with, and I just need to take it to the post office to see what the postage is going to cost. The other very unexpected email was from my long arm quilter, Dinah, in Indiana, who has finished quilting my Year in the Garden top for me. This was made from a Beth Ferrier free internet block of the month pattern a few years ago. Dinah has finished the quilting and was posting it back to me, and she wrote to tell me that it was coming. But the really unexpected part is that she is strongly encouraging me to enter it for Paducah. Now I would never in a million years think that my work is good enough for Paducah, and on this top in particular I can remember several problems with the invisible machine applique, but Dinah really thinks I should go for it. She is willing to help with the photography and appraisal and entry process. It is going to cost me some money, but I guess maybe these sorts of opportunities don't come up too often. I still can't believe it would get juried in, but who knows. This raises the spectre of quilt police staring over my shoulder as I sew on the binding and sleeve (and try not to get cat hair on the quilt, pretty difficult in this house).

The only other useful thing I have done lately (besides knit on my sock, and boy am I loving the no-cable needle method of cabling) is to organise my knitting needles. I was getting fed up with having them all stuck in a big tin, even though they were rubber-banded together by size, it was still annoying trying to find the size I wanted. I had a brainwave about a new way to use office supplies and have come up with this solution: I stitched pockets into some punched plastic folders, and it works great up to about a size 10mm needle, and I can rank them by size.

1 comment:

swooze said...

I hope you do enter your quilt and that you win BIG!

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