Sunday, 30 September 2007

Rabbits and quilting

Isn't it wonderful that school has started again! I feel like I am getting back to a normal routine for the first time in about three months. I had some lovely time at home in an empty house in peace and quiet and managed to finish off and assemble my two machine-knitted bunnies. They will have some knitted clothes but I am still making those. I knit these on a Brother 881 and the pattern was from a knitting calendar

I've also done quite a bit of quilting on the frame the last few days. I finished the Civil War quilt - I did continuous curve quilting around the block seams, a little feather in the setting blocks, and a wavy pattern down the sashing strips. There is a noticeable improvement by the end of the quilt from when I started, I am definitely getting better at steering. At the moment I am quilting the Seaside wallhanging, and the frame is perfect for that. I can steer back and forth quilting in the lines of the sky, sea and beach and really see what I am doing. I am really loving it and have to watch I don't get so excited that I start moving too fast and making enormous stitches. I can see that there will be a real temptation now to only make quilts that will be suitable for quilting on my tabletop frame. When I finally get the machine off the frame and the frame dismantled, I am going to have so much binding to do. Here is a pic of the three practice cot quilts I started on. The blocks for these were left over from my Almost Amish quilt, and originally came from a lady in my sewing club. We did a group Row Robin, but she decided to ignore the rules and ask for blocks instead, then was disgusted with them when they came back all different sizes / different seam allowances. She was going to throw them out, so I asked for them, and used quite a few in the Almost Amish quilt, and these cot quilts finish them off. I will be giving the cot quilts to a fundraising coffee morning on the 18th November, so have to have them bound by then. Following a tip from one of the Yahoo groups, I have discovered that there are tons of machine quilting videos on Youtube, so I am trying to watch some of those to pick up tips for using the frame.
I can't believe it is almost October already - and it is definitely Autumn weather here now. Later today if the sky stays clear we are going to empty out the camping trailer for the winter, which is always a rather sad task, like saying goodbye to summer. We bring all the textiles (curtains, bedding, cushions etc.) inside for the winter, and give it a good clean out. I need to give the garden a good tidy up as well, and get rid of the summer hanging basket contents which are now all straggly and sad looking. I usually plant out some winterflowering pansies and ivies for the winter, to give us something nice to look at out the window.


Jeanne said...

Very cute quilts!

Kathy Wagner said...

Great job on the little quilts! You are really doing well with your quilting!

swooze said...

You are so creative in using up those blocks. Your quilitng looks great. What size is your seaside quilt? The one you said was a good fit on your frame?

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