Saturday, 20 October 2007

Applique group pictures

You may remember that I was taking part in a group project of four people, where we each chose a picture, traced a pattern, cut the pattern into four slices, and gave a slice to each other person to replicate in fabric? Today at my sewing club I was able to take a picture of two of the unfinished applique pictures.

This is the portrait of one of the early black visitors to Britain that my friend Pauline chose. I did the slice of eye on the left. The person next to me chose a significantly lighter fabric and did a rather large staring eye. Eileen did the ear, and Pauline did the writing (scanned and printed on her computer). Pauline was a bit at a loss when she first got all the pieces back, because the middle piece of eye was so mismatched. After thinking about it for a while, she embroidered a lot of detail, including to adjust the staring eye, and used embroidery stitches and fabric paint to blend the head pieces all together into a convincing portrait.

Eileen had chosen an impressionistic painting (Monet?) of a snowy farm. Her four pieces looked pretty good apart from the piece next to mine (mine is the left hand piece again by coincidence) wasn't quite accurate and didn't entirely line up. Eileen adjusted some of the mismatch and appliqued another cloud in the sky to blend the pieces more. I think she is also going to add some embroidery but she hasn't yet.

I got back my third Venice piece finally today, so now I just need to make my fourth piece and then I will be able to take a pic of those as well. The fourth picture, of the Belgian houses, isn't finished yet and Angela hadn't brought her pieces so I couldn't take a picture of them.

This was a really enjoyable exercise that really required creativity and a bit of an artistic eye, to 'paint' with fabric to match the colours in the photographs. Now that the group have seen how we did it, some of the other ladies want to have a go as well, so we may repeat the project in 2008.

Oh, and the lady that I made the autumn tablerunner for in the Brown Bag challenge has now told me that she absolutely loves it and that it looks great on her dresser. So that is good.


Kathy Wagner said...

Ohhhh...I have been waiting to see these projects! How exciting that they are coming together! What a great challenge for you in terms of creating the panels, and then to put them together with the desired alterations to make them play nicely!

Jeanne said...

I think this is such a neat idea. I've only seen something like this done with two people, but four is much more interesting. I love both of the quilts.Do you have guidelines as to the colors of fabrics that each will use?

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