Friday, 26 October 2007

Catching Up

Suddenly it is almost a week since I last posted, don't know where the time is going... well, I do, it's going into work and into my dollhouse that I am building, plus ds has been on half term break this week.

I had a bit of a shock today - I went to see a consultant about this persistent scab I've had on my nose for months, and he took one look and says it all needs to be cut out and a skin graft applied. Apparently it is something commonly known as a 'rodent ulcer' or basal cell carcinoma, but he must have noticed my face turning white because he quickly said that they are not the bad kind of skin cancer. But left to itself it will just keep getting bigger and eat away the nose (lovely...), and it is pretty big already, about the size of a quarter will have to be cut away I think (gulp). He took a biopsy under local anesthetic right then, and I have to wait a few weeks for the result, but then it will likely be plastic surgery to remove it. Apparently the skin graft, if needed, will come from somewhere else on my body like my neck. The cause is sun exposure so now my ds said that he is going to be reminding me about sun cream all the time. I should have gone in ages ago, but I kept thinking it would heal on its own.

Anyway, when I am not working on the dollshouse, I have been doing a few other things. I've made a patchwork Christmas stocking for the #Quiltchat stocking swap (I don't think the recipient reads my blog so I think I am ok to post a pic).

I've also made up the crochet tote bag from the kit that was the free gift at the Rowan fashion show I went to at Alexandra Palace a few weeks ago. I'm terrible at crochet, very poor tension and it hurts my hand, but the bag turned out ok.

My other big news is that I have booked my flights to go to Chicago in April for two weeks. The first week I will be attending the Tom Bishop international dollshouse and miniatures fair (and taking two classes) and the second week I will be attending the Chicago International quilt show. So that is something to look forward to.

1 comment:

swooze said...

Hey pass that crochet pattern on to your pal in the US!! :D

Wow! I am glad you did something about the scab now rather than waiting even longer. How scary! A quarter? Really? That is quite big!

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