Thursday, 18 October 2007

I am quilting, really!

I feel guilty that this blog appears to be turning into a knitter's blog lately, and I don't want to get kicked out of the quilter's club. To be honest, I have done very little sewing lately because I am spending all my free time working on my big Willowcrest dollshouse project. But I have put the binding on my Civil War lap quilt which is now finished.

I have my Saturday quilting club this weekend and I am planning to put the sleeve and binding onto my 'Year in the Garden' top there - we meet in a church hall with nice big tables, so it will be easier and also there will be less cat hair to get on the quilt top. I am also taking my camera and have asked the other applique ladies to bring in their 4-part pictures so I can take a pic for my blog. As for mine, I have STILL not received the fourth part of my Venetian picture nor my challenge tablerunner. Some people seem to find the concept of a deadline hard to comply with, no matter how many times you remind the group and tell them when things are supposed to be done by. I have made a mental resolution to not launch any more group projects which rely on other people giving you things - I think for the next while we will stick to self-make projects like BOMs and mystery quilts. My ladies have asked for a BOM for our next project in the New Year, so I may have to actually fire up EQ6 for the first time since installing it last Christmas, and get designing something. We always have a problem with group projects since there is a very firm split between the majority who will use a sewing machine, and the minority who hate them and want to do everything by hand. There is also the split between those who love applique/hate piecing, another lady who hates applique, and the majority who don't care. You can't please everyone all the time. My husband listens to me feeling frustrated about this, and his solution is that I should just kick the non-believers out of the group. Men always have very simple (unworkable) solutions to problems.

I am displaying my seaside wallhanging in our stairwell where I can enjoy it every time I go downstairs. I don't think I showed a pic of how the old church tower in the picture completely took on a new life after I had quilted it (and this was so easy to do on the frame).
We are enjoying some glorious autumn days now, brilliant sunshine but temperatures cool enough that I want to wear a hat in the mornings (but then I am a wimp). This is my favourite time of year, when the air is crisp and the leaves are turning such gorgeous colours. Apparently there is a national pumpkin shortage in the UK after all the floods and the wet summer, but I have managed to secure two small ones and have stashed them in the knitting shed in preparation for Hallowe'en.


dot said...

What a lovely quilt. It just looks so inviting. I like your wall hanging also. It looks like it took a long time to make. Enjoy your knitting. It is time for that also.

Kathy Wagner said...

You did it made me laugh out loud reading your blog!
That was funny about how men solve problems! I have had the same problem as you in terms of people not understanding the concept of "deadlines" in a group project.

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