Saturday, 6 October 2007

New Blog on Greenleaf Willowcrest

I've started a new blog to document my big new project: I am assembling a Greenleaf Willowcrest dollshouse kit. This will be of no interest whatsoever to anyone who isn't planning to do this themselves, so I have started a new blog at to keep the posts separate. It will mean that I have less spare time to do other crafty things, but it's got too be done, I've been procrastinating for four years on this kit.

This morning I took the charity quilts, bunnies and rag doll over to Peggy, who is 91 years old and who runs an annual coffee morning / quilt sale to raise funds for her local hospice. She used to be in my sewing group about 10 years ago and is still sewing away. What a marvel. She lives with her daughter now that she is a widow. She was very pleased and I got a thank you kiss on my cheek and was told how kind I am - isn't that sweet. I feel guilty because I wanted to make all those things anyway and it is convenient for me to have somewhere useful to give them to, but at least they are going to a good cause and Peggy was very pleased.

I'm almost finished my second cabled sock, I'm just knitting the top ribbing - will post a pic once it's done.

1 comment:

mochas_mom said...

I have also just stated on this house. It's been in the box for about three or four years also. My youngest just left for college, it's my therapy. You house is lovely. My question is what did you use for door hinges? The door look too thin for the packaged fancy hinges. Thanks

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