Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Not much going on...

I'm waiting to see if any trick-or-treaters show up, so it seems a good opportunity to update my blogs. As usual I am the most decorated house on the street, Hallowe'en is not a big holiday in the UK and, indeed, many still frown upon it. Some years I get up to 40-50 kids, other years I get 3. So far (5:45 pm) no-one, but I am sure dh will be quite willing to eat all the candy if there are leftovers.

I am toiling away at applying the hanging sleeve and binding to my 'Year in the Garden' quilt, which is the queen-size quilt that my machine quilter wants to enter into Paducah. It is just horrible trying to do the absolute best job I can on the binding and sleeve, I feel like every quilt police constable in the world is hovering just behind my shoulder watching each stitch. So far I have got the sleeve on, and all appliqued down, and all of the binding is machine attached but not yet sewn down. It took a while to fiddle with the binding seam, because the on-point sashing ends in half-cornerstones, creating definite points that the binding seam MUST cross, yet in the nature of fabric (and my worksmanship) those points are not necessarily in a straight line. So a lot of fudging going on, but the end result isn't too bad apart from one point which for no apparent reason is a good 1/4 inch higher than its neighbours, so I gave up on that one. Still lots of handsewing to do though, and the machine quilter wants it back in about three weeks.

I finished my first sock in the Ridged Feather pattern and have cast on for the second one. I am going to the first UK Stitch 'n Bitch Day up in London this weekend, so I will take my sock along to look like a 'real' knitter. I also digressed this weekend back to my 'Learn to Knit' afghan pattern, and finished off a lace square and completed most of a diagonally knit garter stitch square. I've completed 18 squares now but I think there are 65 in the book. It is in Aran weight Debbie Bliss wool, on 5mm needles, which seems enormous after all the sock-knitting I have been doing on US No.1 dpns. We had a long car drive up to Nottingham so the bigger knitting was easier to do in the moving car. On the way back down we stopped into the Fabric Guild in Leicester, a great place for cheaper fabric and notions. I hardly bought any fabric, just 3 yards of a fun backing fabric (the one with all the people waving goodbye to the steamliner passengers) which was on sale. I did stock up on Gutermann cotton thread (£1 a 100m reel) and pins (my house and vacuum cleaner seem to eat all my pins) and got my m-i-l's birthday present (batting and backing and some notions).

After a bit of dithering, I paid up for a year of basic membership to Quilter's News Network streaming internet video. I've been watching it the last year because we don't get any craft television here in the UK, but it had gotten very repetitive with little new content. Now for members they have a big library of programmes like Quilt in a Day, Fons and Porter etc. that are video-on-demand. The picture is smaller but it's great being able to watch what you want. Anyway, the exchange rate for the US dollar is so good right now that it is only about £1 a month. I had previously subscribed to 'The Quilt Show' with Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson, which I think will run out in March 08. I don't really like it so far, but I know they are working to improve the content in response to viewer feedback, I will see how it goes.

Ooo! I just had my first trick-or-treater - a little ghoul whom I rewarded by offering him two candy bars. That only leaves 73 for my dh - no - 72 because I ate one when I got home (I bought three bags of 25 candy bars, ever the optimist)...


swooze said...

We turn off the lights and hide! Actually the kids hang out out front and give out candy. When it is gone we are done. We have varied results since we are on a side street and most folks keep their lights off.

Hope you get just the right amount of trick or treaters!

When is your procedure?

springdaleia said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I was just catching up on your blog...I have purchased the Miss Lydia Pickett cottage in 1/4" scale, so was looking to see what furniture you've finished lately. Yes, I know you aren't doing 1/4" scale, but your positive thoughts and comments always urge me forward to do my little kits.

Love your sewing...all the photos. Thelma S. in Utah...USA

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