Thursday, 22 November 2007

Completed 'Suzy' cardigan

I've finished my Rowan Big Wool 'Suzy' cardigan, knit in colourway 'Rascal' on 15mm giant needles. I finished sewing it up yesterday and put the buttons on last night, and wore it to a funeral today (dh's aunt-by-marriage). It looks quite smart with navy blue trousers, I think enough to wear to work (it is quite cold at work because they are rebuilding our office building and we don't have central heating anymore). The shaping at the waist gives it a good silhouette despite the bulky yarn, and it fits pretty well apart from the sleeves are a bit too long. This is the medium size. Knitting with this really big wool produces really quick results, but any untidy stitch or error is also magnified so you have to be really careful about tidy edge stitches and how you do your increases/decreases.

I've got three quilts ready to put borders on, at my upcoming Saturday sewing club, although I don't know if I will get them all done. They are the vintage Lone Star [that screech you just heard is Swooze shouting 'about time!'], the second Baltimore Album (made with the leftover blocks from my duvet cover), and my batik Easy Curves twin size. I've also been cutting out for a Vintage Log Cabin with 1-inch blocks, using a fabric kit that I bought at the Stitching Post in July. I'm using the Marti Michell Log Cabin Ruler which I have to say is rather helpful. Normally I do not go in for speciality rulers, when they are for things that I could do with just my normal 6x24 ruler. And yes, I could cut the Log Cabin strips with the 6x24 ruler, but the Log Cabin Ruler is pre-marked specifically for the strip sizes I need, which makes it a lot quicker as there is no hesitation to find the right mark. But it is a lot of cutting, there are 36 fabrics, to make 36 blocks, and 6 x 1.5 inch strips from each fabric to be cut up into 'logs'.

I have also picked fabrics from my stash because I am toying with the idea of joining in with the Planet Patchwork online mystery quilt this weekend (starts 11:00 EST on Sunday). I haven't cut them yet, but I think I will do that even though it starts at 4 pm for me, so I may still be sewing past bedtime. I am a bit ambivalent because I've done mystery quilts before and never been happy with the end result. Once the quilt is done I always wish that I had used different fabrics.
I've had the results of my biopsy, and the skin cancer is confirmed (for those who missed my previous post, it is the non-spreading kind of skin cancer) so now I am waiting to hear from the plastic surgeon.


Kathy Wagner said...

I honestly do not know how you keep up with all your hobbies...knitting, making miniatures, quilting,...
And you actually finish things in all your areas of interest!
How did I miss the Planet Patchwork mystery this weekend?!? Now I have to go check it out!!!

swooze said...

Very nice cardigan. On the sleeve you could always slip a stitch through two layers to form a decoritve ridge or two. I think it is lovely.

The Lone Star? WOw! Can't wait to see that and the others. I need to get going on some things as well.

Hope you get that nose issue fixed very soon before it is much worse!

Hugs to you!

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