Thursday, 8 November 2007

Finished at last

I put the last stitch in on the binding for the Paducah quilt today. (Thank god.) I've just got to sew the label on and do my best handwriting on the entry form, then I can post the whole thing back to the quilter and get back to my normal life. I don't have anywhere big enough to hang it up flat (and I do not dare let it touch any horizontal surfaces in this house) so I could only take a picture of it gathered on to my hanging stairwell display rod.

You can see Dinah Miller's quilting better in this pic. The design is by Beth Ferrier and was offered by her as a free internet pattern some years ago.

I made the label using EQ6, which turned out to be surprisingly easy once I stumbled across the video tutorial on how to make a quilt label (it wasn't going too well up to that point). I spent some time googling on garden quotations, and discovered that Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem called 'The Glory of the Garden' so I have borrowed that title as the name for my quilt, because I thought it suited what I liked about the design: the colourful flowers both pieced and appliqued.

I also took a couple of pics of items referred to in recent posts. Here is the finished Ridged Feather sock from 'Sensational Socks'. The heel is quite neat because you put half the stitches on a holder, and cast them on again on a provisional cast-on, then knit the heels as a bulls-eye which is closed with kitchener stitch. Then you undo your provisional cast-on, and keep knitting along the foot of the sock. You choose the colour stripe carefully when you rejoin the self-striping yarn so that the pattern looks continuous rather than being interrupted for the heel.

This is the fair isle band I knit on Saturday on my knitting course. I have finished the two edges but it is a bit loose to be an ear warmer. I can either put elastic in it, or I was thinking it might make a neat handbag top if I knit a body in a co-ordinating colour. I went to an interesting lecture by Fiona Morris on felting knitting (at the Fleet Machine Knitting club on Tuesday) and she had made some lovely felted bags. The fair-isle band should felt as it is in Rowan wool and I could knit the body in my Rowan big wool.

I've also cast on for a new project, the 'Suzy' jacket-cardigan from Rowan using Rowan Big Wool in a nice navy colour. It is knit on 15mm huge needles which are awkward and tiring to use, but it is growing quickly. I was able to view several other 'Suzy' jackets on Ravelry, I hope mine will turn out well. Ravelry is such a great resource for knitters, I'm so glad I finally got through the waiting list and received an invitation.


swooze said...

Gorgeous quilt. Great name! Socks, socks and more socks. You are really making progress!

Beth said...

Sharon that is just STUNNING!!! Your quilter is so right and I'm sooo glad that she talked you into entering Paducah :)

Good Luck!!

Kieny said...

Very beautiful quilt I love it!

Sweet P said...

What a stunning quilt! Great job!

Alycia said...

That is absolutely Gorgeous!! I love the whole look and the quiting just really shows it off - wonderful job!!

Sarah Nopp said...

I know I said it during chat, but really, what a stunning collection of pretty things!

Meredith said...

Lovely quilt. I like the name you chose for the quilt and the quilting is great on this one. The socks look comfy.

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