Monday, 10 December 2007

Work sucks...

I had my year-end appraisal today, which was so demotivating that I ended up coming home after lunch and going to bed for a while. My boss basically said that I am doing a great job, which she is really pleased about, but she doesn't think it is a four-day-a-week job any more, so from 1 August it will go down to a three day a week job. And because she doesn't feel that I am currently as busy as people with more pressured jobs, she is lowering my performance rating (even though I am doing an excellent job) which means that I will get less money when our bonus is paid in the spring. So basically my company is saying "we're really pleased with the great job you are doing, but by the way, we're cutting your salary". The reduction in days per week isn't a big surprise, as it has been raised before but as recently as July she was still happy for me to work four days. It is the whole performance rating thing which is just a kick in the teeth. It just makes me feel really unappreciated and like I want to quit, but unfortunately that would be financial suicide. Also I need the health insurance to pay for this surgery on my nose. Merry Christmas to me from the company...

I put the borders on the Baltimore Album top (made up from left over pre-printed blocks from the duvet cover I made a while ago). I was pleased that the border worked out as well as it did - since this twin-size top is rectangular, I thought I might have to get real creative to have the corners of the pre-print border stripe meet up properly, but as it turned out, they were ok. I will quilt this next time I have my quilting frame together, and probably offer it to an elderly house-bound woman that I visit each month - she might like it for her bed.

I also finished the Boogie knitted slipover. It isn't the best knitting job, but it is warm and cosy. I changed the neck to a V-neck (the pattern looks like it is a v-neck in the pattern photo, but actually it is a slit neck like a caftan) by decreasing up the sides of the cable.

I am currently working with some Kaffe Fasset stripe material that I bought a while ago - can you guess what I am going to make from it?


Greenmare said...

Oh man! I am so MAD for you! I know how you feel too, I was in that same position last spring and it really STINKS! I ended up changing jobs and things are much better now. I hope things can work out for you better!!! Keep your eyes and ears open for something, I found that the best way to find out about different (read that BETTER) job situations was word of mouth. And of course your elderly friend will LOVE that quilt! It's beautiful!! Good luck sweetie, big cyber hugs headed your way!

swooze said...

I hate what companies do to people. I am one of those stinky managers but have a manipulative boss myself. Pooh!

The duvet cover is great! Are you making a knitting bag per chance?

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