Thursday, 20 December 2007

Yay, off work until Christmas now

Today was my last day up in London until after Christmas - yay! Now I can turn my attention to way more important things like figuring out what food we need to buy for Christmas dinner.

I had Christmas lunch with one of the local sewing groups at a pub a few days ago, and I wore my new Christmas earrings that I tatted on the weekend in 80 thread from a pattern that was published in the Ring of Tatters newsletter. Boy, when you see them blown up to this size, you wish you had made a few of the joining picots a bit smaller...

Remember I was working on that Kaffe Fassett striped fabric? Well this is what I have made so far - the diamonds are 11 inches on a side so this is wide enough to be the middle of a single size quilt. I don't have a pattern, I am just kind of making this up as I go along.

I also knit a hat using this free pattern, using one strand of the RY Cashsoft DK with one strand of a synthetic mohair, which together made about a chunky yarn. The texture of the hat is lovely, soft and fuzzy, but it is a bit big for me - I might unseam it and make it a bit smaller. I'm going to knit some mittens to match using this other free pattern.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

My last day was today too... great feeling when you walk out the door knowing you got a few days off. Hope you have a great Christmas!

Penny said...

Those earrings are great.

Kathy Wagner said...

My goodness but you are talented! Tatting, knitting AND quilting!
Merry Christmas!

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