Tuesday, 1 January 2008

And we have a winner!

Congratulations to Mel from Texas, who is the winner of 25 Liberty charm squares to celebrate my 100th post. Mel, please can you get in touch with me as your profile won't let me email you.

Happy New Year to everyone - we had a quiet night in front of the telly watching a two hour retrospective of the Top 40 movies of the Eighties (which I was embarassed to find I had seen virtually every one apart from the war films) then stepped out into the garden to enjoy all of our neighbours' fireworks going off.

I haven't done much this week, and I have had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much quality family time. In our normal schedule, ds is at school and dh is at work, so as I work part-time I get a fair bit of quality time on my own to get on with stuff. Now I've had more than a whole week of both of them, all the time, and I seem to always be the one that's got to plan what we are going to do for the day, and what/when we will eat, and of course cooking meals blah blah blah until I am completely fed up. Sunday I shut myself into my sewing room after lunch, got interrupted three times in the first 20 minutes, then dh picked a fight with me because he said I was being 'selfish', then dh picked a fight with ds because of being in a bad mood, and so it went on. I kept my door shut and tried to concentrate, and actually got about 3 hours of sewing done which gave me a sense of achievement. And yesterday I went up to London to the office for a few hours and did the Boxing Day sales in Richmond on the way back, which was nice. Dh goes back to work tomorrow but I have ds until next week. I know I am lucky to have them both, but 24/7 for more than a week is too much for my sanity.

I was working on appliquing 9 vintage string stars, about 20 inches across, that I bought at Paducah from an antique dealer in 2005. They were pieced crudely with some cheesecloth muslin background that practically fell off of the stars when I cut a few threads, so the seam allowances were already turned under. I didn't fancy trying to re-piece the background because the stars are fairly wonky, so I have appliqued them on to big blue background squares, and will set them on point with dark blue fabric. Here is a picture of the pieces (not sewn yet) laid out on the bed.

I'm knitting gloves at the moment, using a Cherry Tree Hill pattern and Cherry Tree Hill merino sock yarn (another excuse to have a sock yarn stash). The pattern is designed to be knit on two straight needles, with each finger being seamed in turn, but I found that a bit tedious so I switched to using 4 dpns to knit fingers in the round, to eliminate the seaming. This is the first one, and it came out pretty well but not as snug fitting as I would like, so I am adjusting the second one to be tighter.
Happy new year, and may 2008 be prosperous and bring you lots of peaceful craft time.


Kathy Wagner said...

Too bad I missed out on your 100th blog draw...I'm sure that the lucky winner will enjoy those charm squares!
I can sure identify with experiencing way too much quality family time! I'm dying to get some quiet sewing time too. How many more days until school starts up again?!?!?!

swooze said...

I love the quilt. Think it will be gorgeous. Those mittens look great! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Happy New Year to you my dear friend.

Rhonda said...

The star quilt reminds me of one my grandmother made back in the early 1950's.

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