Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Do I really have to go back to work...?

I'm feeling back to normal (stitches come out tonight) and it has been really great having all this time to tackle lots of things that normally fall through the cracks. Like filing the huge pile of craft magazine clippings in the attic, and getting to projects that have been on the back burner for quite a while...

Like this pattern called Jellystone Park that I bought this summer, made up from a stack of American Jane FQs, and laid out on my new design wall! Those are the border fabrics I am going to use.

Refolding all the quilts in my quilt storage cupboard, so that the folds are on the bias. This is from an article in QNM last year which suggested that bias folds are less likely to become permanent. I've got too many in this cupboard really and I worry about the weight of them pressing down, so I try to refold them at least once every six months. It's a big job and so far I've only done the top two shelves. And no, this isn't all the quilts in the house.

I have been a good samaritan and am helping one of my friends who is 85 by building this room box for her (16" x 18") so that she can re-create her father's hair salon where she worked in the 1930s. She has been talking about it for years, so my new year's resolution this year is to nudge her into actually doing it.

I made this Spool House from a pattern by Pam Scott (this used to be on the internet but I can't find it now). The scale is somewhere between 1/24th and 1/48th so I will have to custom build furniture for it. The top and bottom are made from 3 stacked CDs (finally a use for those free CDs that come in magazines), and the 'spool' is a food tin that used to hold dried potato.

I have dabbled in salt dough sculpture in the past, and DH gave me another book on it for Christmas. I made this from a picture in the book (they didn't actually tell you how to make it, classic case of bait-and-switch) but I copied it from the illustration. In the book the flowers are all painted and the basket left natural. I'm a bit afraid to paint it in case I ruin it. I also made this Quilter's Heart from the book. Of course they don't call it that, but we know what it is.

And finally, I made this felted basket, which I am going to use as a place to store my sock yarn stash. The brilliant thing about this, is that it used to be my Sonny & Cher waistcoat, the failed attempt to knit a Rowan jacket from Rowan Biggy Print yarn. It was on the 'to be frogged' pile, when I suddenly had the brainwave that I could felt it. I sewed shut the front seam, sewed across the neck opening, and sewed the sleeve openings horizontally to create a rough bucket shape. Then I threw it in the washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius with a pair of jeans, and voila! I love it, and it is really bulky and sturdy. This is the first time I have tried felting, but now I definitely want to knit up the rest of my Biggy Print and Big Wool and see what else I can make.


Kathy Wagner said...

I'm always so impressed with the wide variety of crafts that you work on! Your quilt cabinet is amazing...that's a big pile of quilts!

Mary said...

Wow, you have been busy, you have so many talents! Love the Jellystone Park, great fabric choices!

Debi said...

What a busy lady. Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.

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