Monday, 21 January 2008

Feeling better today

I had my nose surgery on Saturday morning (to remove a local carcinoma) and after a few days of feeling a bit hot and woozy, I am starting to feel better today (Monday). The left side of my nose is all taped up, and I have another dressing on my hip from where they took the skin graft. I get the stitches out next Wednesday, by which time the lab results will be back and they will know if they got it all or not. It was fine, I was under about two hours, and home by 2:30 p.m. Dh is taking good care of me, and worked from home today in case I needed anything.

I did some more knitting while I was recuperating, and have finished the first mitten body. I haven't picked up for the thumb yet, but the mitten fits really well which is a pleasant outcome. As a new knitter, that isn't an outcome I can confidently expect.

I wanted to work on some UFO blocks that needed laying out first, so shamelessly playing the invalid card, I got dh to do all the hard work to cut and drill some wooden blocks so I could finally put my homemade portable design wall together. This is based on the commercial product available in the US at $129, which would have cost a whole lot more by the time it was shipped over here. Mine cost about $80, and would have cost less if I had owned a white flannel sheet already, but I didn't so I bought a good quality double flannel sheet in the sales last year. The poles are replacement shock corded tent poles from a camping supply store, 8.6mm in diameter, 3 packs at about $12 each. As well as the four sides, there are two cross-braces behind the sheet (one vertical, one horizontal). I cut down the sheet to the right size and sewed some wide hems, to end up with a design wall that is almost six feet square. It all breaks down into components that fit into a drawstring bag that I sewed up out of leftover white flannel. It needs to be leaned against a wall as it isn't freestanding like the commercial product, but I laid my blocks out on it and it worked great.


dot said...

Great mitten. I haven't mustered up the courage to try these yet. I have a pattern though. I like your design wall. I will have to check into this.

swooze said...

Love the mittens. You are so clever on the design wall! Do you have a place for that sucker??

Penny said...

That's a clever design for the design wall.

Kathy Wagner said...

Hope you feel better real soon. You should take it easy and do lots of quilting!

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